Stan reveals you insider ideas and tips on how you can play and how you can win Craps! The On line casino’s don’t desire you to know this!

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Take a look at our interview on the superior ‘Faces and Aces’ Podcast!! Contains extra playing ideas!!

Craps is an easy recreation with easy guidelines, and Stan is right here to interrupt it down for you. Stan is an actual Craps seller in an actual on line casino and has discovered insider ideas and tips to beat the home. Like all on line casino video games, Craps is a recreation of mathematical chances. In the event you come ready, know the foundations and techniques, make use of the methods, play along with your head and maintain your cool, Craps affords you one of the best alternative to stroll away a winner. Like poker, Craps is a recreation of ability.

*disclaimer: we take no accountability for any losses incurred by following recommendation offered on this video, nevertheless we do take accountability for the wins.

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  1. I’m going to the casino and playing craps for the first time this Saturday. I cant wait to try this system and finally come home with some money! Thanks guys!!

  2. Funny video, I laughed 🙂 Knew right away it was a joke from the title “How to Win at Craps”. There is no such legal method of winning any game at a Casino without the chance of losing; if there was, the casino would go broke… common sense.

    However, there are such ways to give yourself the best edge – house having the least edge.

    One tip in Craps: Play the Don’t Pass with odds, it is the best bet to make, the least house edge, because the odds bet are exact odds; it’s why they are called “odds”

  3. This is just Entertainment Fluff – Most of his advice can be interpreted at sarcastic lies. If you watch – to watch him joke around then the video is okay but otherwise it is too dangerous play wise to take anything he says safely.

  4. He’s telling you to bet your money on bets that have a higher statistical house edge.  Bad advice. What a joke.  “big 6 and big 8” are the same as place bets, but with even money payouts instead of 7 to 6.  And he says “casinos are phasing these out because they pay too well”. Ok, then.

  5. Wow! This is amazingly bad advice. You responded to a previous commenter asking if they ram the math. I have and for instance the PL is 1.41% while the field has over 5% house advantage. You specifically state that taking odds on the pass line adds to the house advantage, but the exact opposite is true. Glad you’re having fun, but please don’t listen to these jokers folks.

  6. I like playing the pass bet. I stayed at a table for 5 hours with $5 bet with $40 that I had. I won eventually $90. The people that were playing at the table was mix of younger people(legal age) and just one elderly guy. The guy next to me bet 200 dollars and won one of the side bets. The dealers were hot Asian girls. So that is why there were younger people at the table.

  7. wow… please don’t listen to this advice… I’m hoping that this is a joke. I get that luck is an element of any gambling game. Yet, luck can NOT be managed or manipulated. And, there is no strategy to effect the result of the dice… no LEGAL strategy anyway. Good betting strategies make bets that have good synergy and protect each other to safeguard against a bad roll while cashing in on the good rolls. This is a joke. These people have futures as wonderful comedians LOL I’ve never laughed so hard.

  8. Insane!  Stan’s Gambling Tips show the absolute worst possible bets, with the exception of the Pass Line.  Look up the odds % and you will see, LOL!

  9. Casino owners hate this guy. Find out the one little trick that made him millions in Craps!

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