Steve and Matt Bourie, from the American Casino Guide, do a follow-up on their interview with professional slots player, Peter Liston. They speak with high-limit slots player George Ashkar, who traveled to Australia and met with Peter to discuss the possibility of using his services. George gives details on his meeting with Peter, while Matt and Steve discuss their overall impressions with Peter’s abilities to be a successful professional slot machine player.

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  1. Casinos are there to make money otherwise there will be no casinos plus your card is monitored and they watch people how often they visit for one day to get rewarded at the end you ate still losing

  2. I bet the "expert" was a scam artist and was scared of dealing with an intelligent person who asks a lot of questions and is a litigious lawyer who could end the scammer's career.

  3. I'm confused ? 🤔 why was this video made again ! 🎰🎲🤬🇻🇳🤬🇺🇸🇻🇳🖕🇺🇸✈️🇺🇸✈️💣🇻🇳💣✈️🇺🇸✈️✌️✈️🇺🇸✈️🤮😷

  4. Thank you gentlemen for these great tips! I live in Hawaii so we haven't any casinos here, but I will apply your tips however I can to my new online slot hobby.

  5. The best technic to win at any slot machine in the casino or any game like roulet or black jack is to not play at all.

  6. So as far as I understand you two do not believe winning at slots is possible to do consistently

  7. Before you listen to this bullshit its simple…slots are randomly generated so if you win you just lucky…end of story

  8. It's all about finding the right machine at the right time! If the progressive it about to hit, GO SIT DOWN! … Most importantly, have fun and stay within your budget! Wins happen when you least expect them! Good luck everyone!

  9. I don't believe anything you guys say look at the background how empty it is, if this is true about beating the odds in the slot machine casinos will go bankrupt 🤔

  10. Really not a hater, love your channel guys. 🥰 Question: How long does it take a lawyer to answer a yes/no question?? Wow. Thanks for the update on this scam artist though. Great work covering all bases.

  11. That’s an amazing interview. Peter is an extremely interesting guy. I had a bunch of wow moments in his story

  12. Professional slot player = Someone who has thousands and thousands of dollars to lose at any given time.

  13. BEST ADVICE — only play slots for entertainment, only take an amount of money that you are ok with losing, leave your credit/debit cards at home, don't chase "must hit by" jackpots but try a set amount of money .. have seen so many lose more chasing the jackpot than it's worth. One lady spent over $900 to win a "must hit by $500" jackpot and then acted excited when it finally hit at $494.80 .. and lastly and most importantly THERE IS NO SUCH THING AS A PROFESSIONAL SLOT PLAYER!

  14. If y'all found out the trick to winning, don't you think the casino would change things? They are in the business to make money.

  15. ‘Professional’ gambler won’t teach a lawyer his method. He is smart enough to know that the lawyer will sue him when he realizes his method is a scam. You have to be very gullible to believe that you can predict when your slot machine will pay off big.
    For every professional slot machine player who makes a lot of money there are thousands pf professionals who lose money. You have to be a fool to think that there is any skill involved in playing slots. Shame on those who give false information to people who can’t afford to lose money at casinos.

  16. Pointless video about what nearly every small time gambler already knew for years. Only a complete idiot would pay $10000 for almost useless info!

  17. The comments for this video are much more entertaining than the video itself (because the volume is so low I can't hear anything). The comments are hilarious!!

  18. Theres a reason why casino's make 75% to 80% of their revenue from slots, that's why casino's gambling floors are 90% slots.

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