I followed a professional betting tipster for 7 Days to see how much money I could make and this is what happened.

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In todays video I take a look at an alternative way to make money online. I tried following a betting tipster to see how much money I could make online in 1 week and these are the results.

We definitely had a few ups and downs during the process…

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  1. You could have did this using your own betting tips, stick to what you know. Tipsters make loads on ppl paying for there tips using photos from when they had a good day bit on all truthfulness they have bad days and it all equals out. ❌🚫

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  6. No point in doing inplays buddy.. if it’s not Italian league or Germany
    I’d suggest team win over inplays. And basketball is great also

  7. I can’t stop thanking *Nike_tools* on IG for what he did to me and colleague!! I made more from BITCOIN INVESTMENT and I went into gambling🤧🤧 I bless the day I found you🙌🏼🙏🏼 He is so real❗❗

  8. You really think you can make a decision based on 7 days ? If you do it’s probably one of the reasons you’ll end up losing like 95% of bettors.

  9. Hey guys! I’m making a betting doscord where you can post bets or just talk sports join if you wish 🙏

  10. Mate how can u use 20% of ur bankroll…that’s adsurbs….u will blow ur account asap…bad losing streak happen if sport betting but with the right money management and u can make profit…
    I generally use 1% of my bankroll and I do flat stake no matter what happens i stay with my picks, losing runs do happen,so does winning run,but consistently and discipline will make u great cash when sport betting….

  11. A week is nothing in sport’s betting. Try 1 year betting 5% of bankroll. Strictly following the handicappers daily picks.

  12. This makes no sense. Following a verified tipster service is the same as stocks. Long-term. 7 days says nothing so useless video in every way

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  17. Mate I have just landed on your channel and you are doing so many wrong things here. 1st – Should be risk management, maximum 5-10% of your stake, and that is considered aggressive. 2nd – This tipster is pretty shit offering you odds of 1.30-140 ( if you are able to catch the bet on time). Which means you need to have an average of 75% Win Rate ( which is INSANE, having more than 50% win rate is difficult) Like ecommerce, or stock market you need to have a plan: what is your bankroll, stake only 1% of your bankroll in every bet, learn to how to find the best odds, try to avoid things like this.

  18. You can be best gambler in that world. If you bet more than 5% of your bankroll you will go bust

  19. Hey man, I’ve sent you a DM on instagram regarding this video, would be great to hear back from you 😀

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