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  1. I can feel the pain in your voice talking about your losses which tells me there’s bigger loses to come as the margins are against you unless you have 10/20 million staking capital behind you.

  2. When he says Asian market at the start

    Does he mean betting on Asian leagues/games or Asian handicap betting

  3. So, this guys switch to Sports Betting coming from Poker. Sports Betting is most profitable than Poker? Or at least less harder to win??

  4. Guys I make minimum $200 to $300 a day with sports betting at *TheSportsCash. Com* I Do recommend this website to all you guys who wants to earn their living with sports betting

  5. Hey Jonas love your work,can I sent my mail to you so we can talk on how I can be receiving your games you usually stake? Please write me back

  6. @tradematesports Is it possible to bet tens of thousands of euro’s on tennis matches using your platform? I’ve found a way to win in the long run betting on tennis. But I can only make a lot of money by placing huge bets. Is that possible? And what about pinnacle. Is it possible there? Unlike Jonas I don’t use the value betting strategy (which, by the way, is I think a good strategy).

  7. 10% average per bets with 83 average picks each day? It’s very dangerous and you can bankrout or I don’t understood ? See you from France !

  8. Are you betting online or in person ? Please list a link to where I can safely bet online ?? I currently have to go in person because almost all online betting sites have horror stories of people getting scammed

  9. I believe it but what I don’t get is how can you bet 3000 games per month? It’s like 100 bets per day, so you follow right movements bets on 100 games per day doing it alone? That sound almost unachievable. I played online poker for a living for like 10 years playing 24 tabling but I can’t see how you can manage to bet 100 games per day where you actually have an edge.

  10. I bet on my wife and I so In ever had one.. thats how you do it in sport trading use the cash flow to load into stocks to build capital, use the capital to build stocks with divdiends as “longterm or investment” to live off the dividends. you will be a boss forever and ever

  11. Who do you bet with…..I don’t know of any bookmakers besides an exchange who would take your action

  12. So, during the later months the total was 3k/monthly or roughly 100/bets a day. No human can accurately research and determine that volume of games. Is this high frequency betting using arbitrage with different book prices or actual betting?

  13. Guys is your product available in the UK have you get many customers from here ?What’s the accessibility to those Asian bookies from the UK? Even Pinnacle is not present on this market. Interesting materials!!!

  14. Hi jonas thats very inspirational but at the moment ive had a losing 2 weeks and this is why i ask you about variance first 2 weeks in september i was coming in at 10% bets for example £20 roi = 220. In 1 hour and that was every day at 2 weeks solid sometimes 500+£ a day so i woukd like to break down variance in lamens terms and you seem to know what your doing


  15. Do you always play single bets or sometimes also combo bets? Before you place your bets, which factors are most important for you? standings, injuries, motivation, etc.?

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