Welcome to my first video! Today I went to the Wynn resort and casino in Las Vegas. I put $100 in a slot machine…. Did I win? Did I lose it all? Youre gonna have to watch to see!

If you are wondering what my other content will look like, I will be doing a lot of ‘Staying at XXX hotel’, going to highest/lowest rated places, casino walk throughs, possibly some restaurant reviews and a lot of other good stuff, so subscribe and become part of my non existent family lol!

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Hold old are you?
-I’m 31. I was born Sep 18th, 1988

Are you single?
-No, happily married

Can we meet up when I’m in Vegas?
-Im currently not comfortable with meeting up with strangers by myself, sorry. My safety comes before trying to make friends 😔

Are you Annette Obrestad, the poker player?
-Former poker player, yes

Do you still play poker/why did you quit?
-Long story, its complicated, but at the end of the day, I wasnt enjoying it anymore 🤷‍♀️

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  1. You hung in a lot longer on that machine that I would have. There are two many machines to stick to one that isn’t doing that good. I am glad you made a profit off of it.

  2. Today is my first video, I live in Washington state, and I haven’t played here. Was in Kentucky and played outside of Louisville Kentucky. Didn’t understand them. If you can teach us how to play them

  3. When I'm playing a game if I get more than $50 ahead of when I started I cash out and then play the original money

  4. I enjoy watching you guys play the slots some time I'll try the same ones when I go to the casino in tunica Mississippi or West Memphis Arkansas

  5. I had watched a few WPT videos and your vid came up on my recomend so I checked you out.

  6. Never been to Vegas been to Reno I found you on YouTube I have watch other slots videos on here before.

  7. It seems like you really enjoyed yourself. I think most people watch because they like to see people win.

  8. You Never win in vegas, even when you think you do, you do not. Vegas is a cancer that you do not want!

  9. Hope You Make It Filthy Rich 😋 💖 . My Wife and I stay at the Bellagio Penthouse . Her friend won $ 5 Million Recently . I Like your channel , Try $ 5 Slots !!!!

  10. Hi my name is Susan and I wasn’t looking for slot videos. I guess you came up cause I DO watch slot videos often. I do play that game often

  11. I've always wanted too visit America. 1 day I hope. love this video its amazing too watch. I love slot machines. so good too watch using someone else money lol. I found you're video just by searching playing slots in Las Vegas. Is there any Old West Ghost Towns near you. Would love too see you visit 1.

  12. I’m from Devils Lake North Dakota and going down for my Dirty 30 on July 9th-12th and searched resorts worth staying at and found your gorgeous self Thankyou

  13. Ashleigh, i calculated the amount of money I lost in an online casino. I was very surprised when I saw the results. I play for small amounts every day, sometimes I win. But based on my results, you will lose very big. And I understood the thing that was the reason. Selecting a casino. As I then found out, you will find fraudulent casinos, you can find licensed ones. You will need to decide on licensed ones. There is of informative data on the Internet, but when you don't want to locate, there are verified licensed ones where you can play. List for the entire world, your website automatically means the nation in that you are located: https://top.casino-list.site/eu/

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