I at all times like so as to add some form of technique once I play slot machines, and I made a decision to strive a brand new one, and it completely labored!! I believe you will like this one… Test it out!

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  1. Hello,I jus want to say that I enjoy it videos and I really think you’re a gud person,you are the reason I ever started playing wild wild,and I wanna say THANK YOU for the gud,and helpful tips on how to no leave the casino broke,I’m chasing my first hand pay on any machine but specifically dragon link and wild wild samurai, keep hitting em hard 💪 and keep showing us.take care

  2. I’m new on the slots….how much money do you play at a time ……is it good to play higher amounts….thank you

  3. There is no strategy to win but you can certainly minimize your losses and make playing more fun doing things like what you’re doing.

  4. Apart from the Buffalo games it seems like the games with the worst graphics and least amount of bells and whistles pay out more often! Maybe because less people play them…

  5. I did this strategy a few days ago but I didn’t do 10 spins on each bet. Plus i switched the denom which also helped. Landed a bonus when I changed my bet to $1.25 and 5 cent denom. Got a $22 bonus

  6. Hi, I just subscribed because I saw “New Strategy”. I love to hear about different strategies. I would like to see you repeat it after you do the round, do another and see what happens (on the same machine of course).

  7. Amazing video, Nice wins as well. Also if you happen to see this, do you know of any casinos that allow 18 year old+ to gamble? Im 19 and unfortunately The only casino that allows me in os closed atm(Eagle moutain casino) if you do please let me know! More vids on this New Strategy!! Maybe 2c denom? Or higher? 😁

  8. Man that Major kills me when it drops but you don’t get it. Have a great day Neil 🙂

  9. Nice, smart and useful strategy you got going that “777” and best of luck that your number pays you back for all the pleasure and fun, ups and downs, and your marvelous gift of a great slot channel.

  10. UGh…that Major drop hurt!!!! That was really fun!! I like the new betting strategy!!! Gonna have to try it!

  11. The new Strategy was awesome! It’s always fun to try something new even better when it works! :0)

  12. Great video Neil❤️. I like that you try new ways all the time. I thought your were going to get that 777 Major. Love that WOF new game with the wheel spin on coins . I won on it first time I played so I guess that’s why. 😊stay safe

  13. Although this was short Neil( I would have liked to seen maybe a couple more machines at this strategy in this video) this was a lot of fun. I believe we will try this one on our next trip to the local!! Love your strategy games.

  14. I’m enjoying the new strategy, Neil! 🙂
    I am curious, do you ever do Max 100 anymore? It’s personally not my favorite, but I’ve noticed I haven’t seen it in a while! Just curious if you’ve abandoned that one.

    Anyway, great video, as ALWAYS!

  15. Hi Neil. Great strategy which I will try in 2 weeks. First trip to casino in over 4 months. Yahhhh🇨🇦❤️

  16. Sweetness Neily I did the Stairstepping once on Dragon Link 4 Bonuses
    $ 234.00 Profit Thanks for Sharing and Reminding my
    Rhino Brain Rhino Peace ✌

  17. I’ve been doing this strategy since i first played slots. I switch it up with between 5 and 10 spins depending on how the machines hit. It has its pros and cons. The difficult part is walking away when you pass a certain amount of spins of no bonus or payline. Lol.

  18. Nice video Neil.. I’ll try that new concept next time.. our casino is opening in August!! hope you are staying safe!!🤗

  19. Love this! More! More! I would love a video of you using all your strategies per game a different one on each would be facinating, or strategies from your viewers.

  20. Another awesome post. Each time I see or hear the old dollar machines, it reminds me of the Casino Boats out of Port of Canaveral in FL. Ah the memories. LOL.

  21. Congrats on your wins and interesting strategy! 50 spins should be enough to land at least one bonus. Continued good luck!

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