I made a review of the TOP TEN Slot Channels on Youtube! This is not an a official list as there are many other great slot channels on YouTube (namely mine lol) and new unique, interesting, and entertaining slot channels being created everyday. I wanted to compile a list for newcomers looking to see the some of the best available on YouTube at this time!

1.) The Big Jackpot-129,378-WON.com
2.) Brian Christopher -89,452-Briangambles.com
3.) Vegas Low Roller-67,576-
4.) Dianaevoni Slots Machine- 44,475-www.lasvegasdaze.com/
5.) CasinoMannj-44,966-
6.) TheBigPayback-44,451-TheBigPayback.com
7.) SDGuy1234-38,219-
8.) Slot Lady-32,365-
9.) Slot Traveler-30,560-
10.) Albert Slot Channel-29,926-
11.)JFK Slot Hits-19,917-JFKslothits.com

These numbers may not be accurate but still reflect general status in subscriber numbers. I am sure for each channel they have increased in subscribers!

What is criteria for top slot channel?

1.) Number of subscribers
2.) Amount of videos consistently uploaded
3.) The largest jackpots won
4.) Jackpots won on a consistent basis
5.) The number of individuals in live chat forum
6.) Largest influence on new viewers
7.) Variety of Slot Machines played
8.) Entertaining/Replay value
9.) Slot Channels that give you good tips to playing slots
10.) Merchandise for fans/Members

The Three People who give slot techniques that given me an edge are

1.) The Slot Guru-1826 subscribers
2.) Debbie Tosun Kilday-32 subscribers
3.) Sunil Padiyar-48 subscribers

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