PointsBet (ASX: PBH) is an Australian bookmaker who have had an amazing year on the ASX. PointsBet’s share price has increased over 140% in 2020 after a 5 year partnership with NBC Sports.

PointsBet (PBH) are the pioneers of spreadbetting, a new form of variable betting which sets them apart from conventional Fixed-Odds betting and as a new-gen provider PointsBet focus on a quality technology infrastructure to set them apart.

PBH have got a lot of attention on the ASX as one of the ASX Growth Stock darlings in 2020. On the back of the NBC Sports partnership, many investors have become aware and interested in this ASX Mid-Cap player.

In today’s episode we will be discussing whether ASX: PBH can continue to rise or whether it’s too late to jump onto PointsBet after their huge ASX stock price appreciation this year.

The following timestamps have been included to guide your viewing experience:
0:00 – Welcome
01:26 – PointsBet (ASX: PBH) Introduction
02:07 – PointsBet Overview
03:20 – PointsBet (PBH) Platform & Offering
05:16 – PointsBet + NBC Sports Official Partnership
07:09 – PointsBet (PBH) Future Growth Potential
08:41 – PointsBet (ASX: PBH) FY20 Results
10:49 – PointsBet Stock Chart & Conclusion

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  1. Let me know what you think about PointsBet and also what your favourite sport team is & how it went this season!

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  3. Awesome detailed review! It’s definitely a company I have in my watch list. Especially being a sports fan, I try and keep my eye on companies that are in the industry. I actually haven’t used their platform though but have been seen it being advertised a lot of the past few years. Will continue to monitor it going forward!

  4. Nice vid and writing, I don’t know who needs to hear this but investing in crypto has been helping in making a good livelihood

  5. Hey mate, Thanks for sharing the PBH. Please can you look at DUB, AI call recording cloud service, Has deal with Cisco, Microsoft, Telstra….

  6. Great vid! Have you made a position? red bubble also took a great dip from the last few days
    ill get back to you soon!

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