John Daly admits to his playing habit, with losses over $50 million and two days straight on the slots

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  1. Perhaps we figured out his problem at the casinos:

    Quote 1: “If I was winning, I would just keep playing” (well, if you lost 55 mil, how much could you have won?)

    Quote 2: ” I’ve been up 4 or 5 million and was down 2 million before I left.”

    Oh, now I see. The casinos probably tripped over themselves to give him free food and rooms so he would drop money in their place. Elvis’ manager Colonel Tom Parker was the same way. Vegas casinos practically begged him to play- he had a lot of money and was a really bad gambler.

  2. lol @ being up $4-5 Million and walk out having lost $2 Million of his own money. Degenerate gambler right there folks!

  3. It’s amazing he is still alive but Im sure he won’t be around much longer! Terrible waste of talent

  4. Interesting. He is honest I will give him that He was given a god given talent and laughs about losing 55 million What he needs is to go get a real job for a year and collect a salary Try to pay his bills and take care of himself I wonder if he would think about going in a Casino and getting that – action – he loves so much It’s nice to see he doesn’t fool himself but it’s nauseating seeing millionaires justify wasting money while people across the country are starving and you see people living on the streets They should go back to the old tax bracket where millionaires had to pay the majority of the taxes – and still were millionaires after paying there share- and use that money to build a better America Instead of feeding Casinos

  5. Gambling is so fascinating to me because it doesn’t intice me in any way yet I hear shit like this

  6. I still haven’t stopped thinking about the things I could have bought I lost betting $34.50 on McGregor last month.

  7. “its what about 4-5 million a year” LOL he starts laughing as soon as he realizes how much it actually was

  8. graham needs to get out more, some of his questions ain’t even journalistic, they’re just like “how does gambling work?” “how does downing a case of bear/day make you feel?” “diet coke and cigarettes, how do you drink so much diet coke while smoking cigarettes?”

  9. This is the true definition of addiction. Booze, gambling, cigarettes. You name it he’s addicted to it x 100.
    Prediction: this will end in suicide. God save you John.

  10. I literally just noticed after watching a few of these segments of this interview that he’s wearing a suit with the American Flag. I literally thought he had an American flag draped over his shoulders.

  11. “How can you gamble for a day and a half, two days straight?” When you’re rich and hate life, you just don’t fkn care anymore.

  12. Read his book “In and out of the rough”. I like the guy. He’s a character but owns his losses. No excuses.

  13. The reason gambling is such an insane addiction is because-the biggest drug addict or alcoholic can only spend so much per night, per week, per year. A gambler can lose their entire life saving in one night. Plus a recovering drug addict or alcoholic has to stay a way from drugs and alcohol. How do you stay away from money? Not saying gamblers have it the worst-all addictions are tuff stuff.

  14. Thinking you’re gonna win is NOT the worst thing you can do in a casino. I’d say losing $55 MILLION is the worst thing you can do!! LOLOLOL! Hang in there John, Love you! Grip it and rip it!

  15. That’s why there are nice hotels in Vegas. And that’s why they give people “free” rooms. Ouch. Glad he can laugh about it an move on.

  16. I have loved the way John does life his way.
    He never gave a continental damn what people thought, he had his way of doing life.
    I gamble and love to play the horses. My phone account is a joy to me, my Daddy gambled and this is where I learnt at his knee. I have never touched booze or had one cigarette. That was a promise I made my Parents. They were both heavy drinkers and smokers. Neither my Brother and I do not. For every year we did not smoke or drink Our Parents gave us
    $8,000. We both purchased houses when we reached 20.

  17. I have watched him gamble…scared the hell out of me…but so exciting….the money he won, the money he lost was unbelievable…he is a great guy…..!!!!

  18. How can you not like this guy? He pushes the limits on everything and still smiles. He realized his mistakes and moved on without crying about it.

  19. I dont know much about golf but this guy is so honest and forthcoming, I am such a huge fan. Years ago I saw him on Stern he was brilliant. He’s been married lots, I’m next,lol

  20. It definitely takes a very unique personality type to be a John Daly. They are few and far between, but when they come on to any scene they are into the world hears about it.

  21. imagine all of the help that were dipping their hand in the cookie jar when he wasnt looking…..probably put alot of peoples kids through collage lol

  22. I go to the casino, put 20 bucks in the slot machine, lose it in 20 minutes and think “what a fucking waste of 20 bucks” then head home. Listening to this, I think it’s best that I’m wired that way…

  23. Possibly the worst interviewer ever. That smirk/ asking how is that possible?? Would drive me craz

  24. Grahm acts like this dude might not be telling the truth, lol, he so square he can’t imagine it! I def believe 99% of what Daly says!

  25. How come there’s no comment on how much he won over those years that he lost the 55/57 million I guess that’s for him to know and for us to try to find out

  26. He is just simply an Addict , addicted to smoking, diet coke. Gambling, food and most likely other addiction I won’t mention. Hats off to him for his honesty. At least he is up front. I wish him good health

  27. Your tax returns will not show gambling losses, it will show losses EQUAL to your winnings. Period. So, if you show $55M in losses, they have to equal $55M in winnings, leaving a wash. No deductions and no taxes owed on the winnings. I’m a CPA.

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