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  1. What’s your thoughts on chip sizes and balance. Whenever I play small units with small bankroll I can always grind out a few units but wen I try £100 with big bankroll I keep loosing 5/6 hands in a row … loosing to 5 and 6s and couldn’t hit a double to save my life. I understand that the game is random but it the timing seems to much of a coincidence.

  2. Never bet in any online casino, Every online casino is RIGGED. Only streamers win and never get paid becuase it all fake money.to lure in customers.

  3. You could say you didn’t use perfect basic strategy … but there also seems to be a lot of dealers just hands that they never bust on… if it’s truly a fair game if you played 500 hands shouldn’t you win At least 40%

  4. Why did u not insure your blackjack vs dealers ace when you had £500 on the table ????‍♂️????‍♂️

  5. In a rigged casino you can always see it in the amount of 20s and 21s the dealer gets compared to you. Dealer got a 20 or 21 9 of 26 times. You got it 11 out of 41 .And twice the dealer still pushed with you once with one of the few BJs you got . You played a ton more hands and only got 2 more overall playing 15 more hands. Rigged af.

  6. The casino will pay FINE for LOWPAYOUT but the FINE for LOWPAYOUT is very small compared to the billion they already made in deposits.

  7. As soon as he increased the bet size to 500 the game hammers him and tries to take his whole bank.
    It spots betting variance. It wont allow you to beat it simply by progressing after a losing streak It spots a players tendency to double and hammers you when you increase your bet. You can predict these patterns.
    As soon as you detect the computer is in hammermode, hitting 20/21 five out of six hands, you have to drop down to lower bets and then the computer will snap out of it and go back to being fair again.
    Its like clockwork,

    Its easier to see when playing roulette. When 9 hits five out of 10 times and other numbers are also repeating 0 and 22 and 9 are the only three numbers that hit in 10-15 spins – it isnt random.
    When you stick on one color and then the computer hits 23 of the same color in a row but when you hop around the board, the numbers also hop around the board- its not random – the player is dictating the flow.
    If the game was 100% fair you could always start low and use a progressive sytem and always win. But the CPU is designed to detect an increase in bet size and increase its own probability.

  8. ???? it’s only rigged if you lose … if he had won 1k 2k 4k would he still be saying it’s rigged . With blackjack you need to know when to leave it’s fact if you continue to play you will lose eventually there’s no poor casinos…… set a limit and walk

  9. Not rigged you just have no clue how to play. Double a ten vs a dealer ten??? Stay on 14 vs a dealer ten? Hitting when you’re not supposed to…

  10. 1:45 you finally hit a 15 and get a break at 21. Ohh but then this janky ass game gives the dealer a bullshit ass 21!!! SMH

  11. The fact that the wins are pre-determined before the dealer even gets their card is illegal. But the developers and service providers donate alot to politics which makes it okay

  12. Stay away from this. I lost 1,600 in May after getting beat with 4 blackjacks in a row….better to play live.

  13. OMG dont play playtech BJ is rigged, i have even found out proofs of their system, actually not me but a darknet partner of mine, he hijacked playtech software and found out the algorithm is actually rigged, he got paid by some capo of idk what else, ofc i will not post any proofs because playtech brought me to court and menazed me to shut my mouth, i only say that they sold their software and made a contract with the casinos confirming that their software is rigged, while the casinos agreed to that.

    Not telling anything else, because of the risk of jailtime for cooperating with a wanted criminal.

  14. William hills blackjack, you win one in every ten, swear down worst rip off ever!! How the f”@k do they get away with it!!!

  15. How comes to do that always turn to 10 when showing at 10 I play These a lot and they only pay out what they want to pay out knows how he doesn’t go above 1300 for a long time

  16. its a human made program… the payouts are programmed into the code. not fixed, its exactly the same as slots. a slow bleeder paying out on whatever percent payout they choose… only ever play live less chance of loosing like this but the odds still are against you there

  17. 1) Your blackjack skills are horrible.
    2) Lack of strategy.
    3) Lack of common sense and odds, staying with 14? WTF? You’re just playing to let the dealer bust, wich happens 33% of the time, obviusly you’ll lose money that way.
    4) Software blackjack = You’re fucked, I’m a software programmer and I can asure you this kind of software is developed to get your money, more money you play, less chances to win.
    5) The casino always has an edge to win against normal people, you should learn to count cards and play in real casinos or at least live casinos online.

  18. So stupid to think you can go to a online casino that is designed to be profitable business and expect to beat it.

  19. No shit online casino games are rigged. Actually this non-live version you played seemed the most fair online black jack game i’ve seen. Every time i play at live casino the dealers seems to be pulling off 20 or 21 every single hand for 15-20 hands in a row then lets you win 5-6 and do it all over again… Reason why live is rigged is because even though they asure you of the legitimacy of the game, they very well know that it’s too easy to rig the game, so WHY NOT! If you want to play casino go to a land casino, enjoy the atmosphere, go out of your house and also get a fair game.

  20. Blackjack is a game when u r not counting cards u have lower edge than dealer, whatever ur strategy is. Ur mistake:1. Poor bankroll management (normal max bet is 125 times of ur bankroll), here the best strategy to play 2k bankroll is to bet max 16 dollar each hand. 2. Not applying basic strategy. U just give away your money to casino man with such play.

  21. The fact your betting 500 pounds and your staying on 14 against a dealers ace you might as well bend over and get ….

  22. I would never play against an automated machine, much better odds playing in a live version instead.

  23. It just makes me so angry why they have to rig online blackjack they have an edge with out even fixing blackjack anyway, complete robbing bastards, I now just take advantage of bookmakers now by arbing and matched betting which i make a good amount of cash from. so there is a way to make steady profits each week

  24. You gotta stop this man… You could have bought yourself a alien ware area 51 gaming pc. The most powerful alien ware out there! Not to mention an average car. 80 AAA games, 4 ps4s, a great out door swimming pool., the valve game collection 12 times= 2004 games. Push your addiction to something actually worth your money like gaming, expensive modelmaking(Warhammer 40K) or put it away all together!

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