Kelly Area from Merseyside started to gamble on-line when she was off work for an prolonged interval. Inside six months she received £10,000 in debt and was borrowing increasingly. Kelly continued to gamble till she received assist from the Liverpool-based Beacon Counselling Belief.

She mentioned: “It was an actual battle for me to search out the braveness to talk to my GP about my playing. Growing specialist assist is sensible. We have to increase consciousness in regards to the methods playing can have a destructive impression on ladies in addition to males so we will cease others going via what I’ve.”

When you’re combating playing dependancy or know someone who’s, you will get assist from the NHS Northern Playing Service by calling on 0300 3001490, e-mail referral.ngs@nhs.web or go to

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  1. tonight is my first night gambling free, videos like this are helping me through, i know it’s a long road but i have to try

  2. I wonder why her story is so similar to mine .that’s how destructive gambling addiction can be

  3. 100% you forget the value of money when you start gambling, losing £100 a day is nothing for a gambler but you can actually do 2 weeks of food shopping with that

  4. if i gamble its the money i lose and get back greed will make you broke on anything . i know a woman gamble to a rich man that had no money and dog her friends and i was nice and done her favor when i ask she refuse i refuse to even talk to her sence 1992

  5. Learn about the Law of Large Numbers. Gambling is not gambling. You are giving away your money in a game that is designed to make you lose the more you bet. It is a mathematical fact. Nobody beats the odds of the Casino.

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