Slot machines are Casino’s best money makers, but when a man makes a living out of developing tools to rig them, Vegas has to act fast to prevent him and others of cheating the system.

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From “Cheating Vegas”

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  1. The casinos should be in that black book. Program slots in their favor and barring people for winning legitimately.

  2. Back in the day when people repaired their TV's. Nowadays, you just pitch the broken TV into a ditch, and buy another one.

  3. I am no fan of casino management, but the mainstream casinos do not "cheat". They set up the games so that the math favors the house. That is not a secret. "Cheating" the players would be doing something like taking some of the face cards out of the blackjack decks, or installing chips in the slot machines that do not pay out the reported percentage. (All things that disreputable casinos in small markets have been caught doing.) No Vegas casino is going to risk having their license revoked trying such techniques, nor do they need to. All they need is a constant stream of gamblers, and the math will do the rest. If you chose to gamble, which I do, you have to know that in the long-term, you will lose more than you win. That's not getting cheated.

  4. Isn't it funny how someone who has cheated a casino gets more hard time than a rapist? If only vaginas were as lucrative to the US government. Then they'd be protected a lot more.

  5. When you try to cheat at the casino youre a criminal but the casino's who cheat the People out off they money its legal

  6. All the "Casinos are criminals" comments are dumb. If you're too stupid to know that they make money by having the odds in their favor, that's on you. Some people are degenerate gamblers, but that's like saying breweries are evil because some of the people who buy their beer are alcoholics.

  7. This video has been broadcast before under a different name………. copyright infringement?????
    Copyright infringement is a crime

  8. Too bad they didn't steal enough to close you down, but fools and their money must be fools. Calling the kettle black. The thieves can't stand being called thieves and want him to turn on others for a reduced sentence. typical

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