Reside highrolling within the Bellagio on the roulette stay guess of $1550,- guess! Huge win! We simply had some enjoyable in Las Vegas and did a significant guess, at the least for us it was a max guess. We stayed within the Bellagio Lodge and on line casino on the Las Vegas strip. We had some BIG WINS in Las Vegas, this journey. Do you wish to know the way a lot cash we have earned on this video?

The roulette in Las Vegas has a giant dis benefit, as a result of they’ve an double zero. So it is not an actual frenche roulette. However we favored the style of Vegas. We went again in 2019, wished to go in 2020, however due to corona it was not doable. Now aming on 2021 to return once more! Be happy to remark, like and subscribe!

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  1. Do you want to know how much we’ve earned with this video untill 25 november 2020? Check this video, and you can see the youtube analytics of this video! Thumbs up for this comment

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  3. André Jansen had hem zo in de 17 of de 20 gedraaid😂
    En Hendrik de Bie zag dat het goed was,zeker nu dit filmpje Onetime ook nog eens 1300 eurootjes heeft opgeleverd bovenop de 450 winst😂.Als ik jou was Armijn ging ik er nog een keer heen..dan met bijv een 3000 euro bet..mocht dit iets ongunstiger uitpakken dan pak je het verlies weer terug met YouTube views😂

  4. Doesn’t make any sense to be betting like that at the double zero table. You can play Euro roulette in the high limit room for that.

  5. I don’t understand y I always gets the next number. If i put on 6 i gets 7. It happens to everyone

  6. Lmfaoo fucking mugs havnt got clue how to play should least put the 6 number split on 16,19,17,20,18,21 at least would won even more idiots vegas for ye thats y house so rich cos this

  7. I would have told him to drop that nickel on the 2nd twelve – but I admire dropping $250 on 17 – thats a nice $9,000 hit

  8. Did I leave my wallet at your house? I had $1550 and need to pay my Bill’s. Let me keep searching. Lol…..I like this video alot

  9. Worst video ever. At the vital moment you went off the wheel . You need removing from YouTube .

  10. Let me tell ya I was there this guy did not even tip the boys or beverage 👧 girl or wipe off his hands in the bathroom after taking a leek not that I was peeking I’m telling ya now you now

  11. So smart to bet against your self, lol………
    Man this is bad. Why not but 1550 on Red instead.

  12. just so you know, everyone in the comment section giving their roulette advice are degenerate morons, there is no strategy on roulette its 100% luck and every spin is an independent event even if 0 hig 10 times in a row

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