Mitch, Brian, Chris and Rodd have a look at the NFL, Faculty Soccer and Faculty Basketball Schedule and Make Betting Picks

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  1. What a dud in northern Arizona lol. Game start time was off and all of a sudden it’s halftime and n Arizona is wayyyy down 😬

  2. Thank you guys so much for the in depth research on all these matchups! I used to spend so much time coming up with my picks every day but your show makes it so much easier!! I went 4-1 last night and I’m up 400$ this season already! I love the sense of humor and energy on this channel! even though I know sometimes we have an off day I still appreciate you guys putting in the legwork for all these matchups…You guys rock!

  3. NFL
    13:41 New England Patriots vs. Los Angeles Rams
    14:20 Brian (total + 1st Touchdown)
    14:51 Chris (side + 1st Touchdown)
    15:20 Rodd (total)
    15:44 Mitch (total) 16:26 Mitch (1st Touchdown)

    17:02 Florida Atlantic vs. Southern Miss
    17:38 Brian 18:22 Chris 19:10 Rodd 19:20 Mitch

    19:50 Pittsburgh vs. Georgia Tech
    21:10 Brian 21:38 Chris 21:53 Rodd



    23:24 Brian – Troy vs. North Alabama

    25:19 Mitch – Troy vs. North Alabama

    25:28 Chris – North Florida vs. East Carolina

    28:20 Rodd – North Florida vs. East Carolina
    28:27 Rodd – North Dakota vs. South Dakota

    28:35 Mitch – North Dakota vs. South Dakota
    29:09 Mitch – NC Greensboro vs. Coppin State
    29:48 Mitch – Parlay (incl. North Florida vs. East Carolina)


    31:35 Brian – Cal Riverside vs. Northern Arizona

    33:07 Chris – Portland vs. Oregon State
    34:22 Chris – Long Beach State vs. San Francisco

    34:35 Rodd – Gardner Webb vs. Western Kentucky
    35:00 Rodd – UMKC vs. Minnesota
    38:36 Rodd – Portland vs. Oregon State

    38:42 Mitch – Portland vs. Oregon State


    40:38 Brian – San Diego State vs. Arizona State

    46:37 Chris – Long Beach State vs. San Francisco
    46:49 Chris – North Dakota vs. South Dakota
    46:56 Chris – San Diego State vs. Arizona State



    52:12 Chris
    52:40 Rodd
    52:52 Brian
    53:00 Mitch

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