Join me tonight for the very first LIVE with Dan! It is a new kind of live stream where we talk about BREAKING NEWS about today casino’s and event’s that could effect you! Plus it’s Dan’s WILD CARD where you get to be part of show! Just be here and place your questions and comments and just maybe your question or comment will be picked for us to talk about!!!


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Hi I’m Dan the Man, and I share my travels from around the country to Live Stream Casino Games to my YouTube channel for the enjoyment of our viewing audience. We upload new videos every single week, and Live Stream multiple times every month. I love visiting casinos and new properties all over the country. The Best way to keep up with what or where I will be next is to follow me on social media ! Please give all of my social media pages a follow, and don’t forget to SUBSCRIBE to my channel ! I have a blast creating content and my channel is strictly for entertainment purposes only. Always set a budget, and know when to stop. Always gamble responsibly and only play with what you are willing to lose. Gambling is not a make money opportunity. If you or someone you know has a gambling issue please seek help from one of the many support groups available.

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  1. U are right about CET it’s Already started. I normally get around 100 dollars worth of reward credits for my birthday month. Have not received it. Which October is my birthday month. Contacted them they said it was discontinued.

  2. This is great Dan. I loved listening to the topics . This is so interesting and keep the vids coming. This is informative. You are inventive with all your retirement plans. I hope to see you in Colorado when I am there in the Fall. In the meantime I m following all you do. Thanks Dan.

  3. I will take all my change. That does add up to 20.00 when I go. That can’t be legal. One casino in Reno you can donate to make a wish, and other charities.

  4. New channel!! Gambling, cruises, and some travel. Thanks for you info. Like what you are doing❤️Beth

  5. Harrah’s cherokee is my home casino. Have u ever been there. There in a hurry to get the sports bet set up. Lol

  6. WOW that’s crazy but I would be very upset they better give me every penny that is mine period..i don’t go for that most of us have a change jar or something we put our change in..So anyone that I know of would wants there Change. EVER BODY. HECK THAT’S CRAZY CRAZY

  7. Dan , nice job! Your definitely working to hard in retirement buddy 😂, but love the idea & concept. Educating gamblers on the reality’s & sometimes questionable methods of casinos is the perfect edition for Dan The Man Slots! Great idea Dan!!

  8. Love the videos. Many people watch these videos on the tv screen and do not know how to click like on the Firestick or Roku. Giving a demonstration at the first of your video on how to do it would be a great thing and maybe you would get more likes. It took me a while to figure it out. I’m waiting on the Prairie Dog videos. Do they bite????

  9. Sports betting took over 1/4 of my local. They took out the pub that everyone loved the fine dining rest and a shit load of slot machines. It sucks so bad. Can’t get on a machine anymore and Everyone is bitching and are now going to the other local 20 min down the road. What a stupid mistake.

  10. Hi Dan! Thanks for taking the time to let us know what is happening out there in the slot world! You are on the right track my friend. Kind Regards from Travelling with Bruce

  11. Seminole casinos do not give change back. Unless u go to cashiers. How many do go for change not many. Also your ticket is only good for 30 days.

  12. Loved the show Dan!! This needs to be a weekly thing , “Weekly Update With D.T.M.” 😉 Oh and don’t forget “Prariedog Dog Saturday Morning Zen” lol 😉

  13. Wow, wish I could have watched this live. What a great concept Dan. I love this.
    You bring up some very interesting topics. It will be easy to chat about things on our minds also as the slot play isn’t involved!
    I play mainly at the Soaring Eagle Casino and Resort in Mt. Pleasant Michigan. We cash out and you get all $$$, including change….but, I can tell you that any tickets left at the machines ( say someone cashed out and didn’t want to deal with the change) those tickets belong to the casino. I saw a slot player called out on that one time and was very surprised. I always thought ‘ finders keepers’…not with a casino.
    Best of luck on this new venture Dan!!! I’m going to absolutely enjoy it. You are a natural at broadcasting.

  14. Sorry I missed live stream,,I am Caesars diamond, they are already cutting back on the offers. We have a harrahs in so Calif waiting to see if they drop it and hopefully they will upgrade Rio in Vegas, also the new planet moolah attack has been removed from the Calif casinos due to malfunction,,people were actually winning on them,,

  15. Great job, and that was indeed informative! Aside from the recording issue, i thought of another possible issue. Rivalries/loyalties between slot channels. When i first started watching a few years ago, there was sooo much promotion from those recording to all the others out there. But now i am starting to see “clicks” and even a few rivalries. Now that i think of it, this may get a bit too muddy to go into….maybe not such a good idea. Oooooo…..who was the first slot channel out there anyway? Are they still around?

  16. Great show tonight Dan!! Enjoyed all topics you spoke of..
    Will you be at The Worlds Largest Group Pull??? Would like to meet you in person.

  17. Yes sir youre really doing a great job with this show from home. It really gives me a outlet or a target to zero in my thoughts. I love casinos so much that my nerves get out of whack when i get to the parking lot. Then i have to go to the restroom a bunch of times. You have a great tallent of being a host. Your not gabby youre just a good host. And tracy is great. Shes so cute. I have a problem focusing on things. And slots seem to soothe me. Im thinking about getting a perscription for adderal so i can tune in to the machines better. And win more. I know im ADHD im just a little scared of speed side affects. Sleep deprivation etcetera. The subject of perscription drugs and slot machines would be a great show! You could even have a doctor on your show! I bet youve tuned into a slot before and read the rhythms and knew when it was going to hit. The mechanical reels seem easier to read but i dont play them much anymore. Be careful of zealous spies that take back info to share with dark hearted kings. There are slot people threatening to sue each other all the time over gossip on you tube! Peace

  18. Thanks Dan very entertaining can’t wait until the next time! Love what your doing with this channel

  19. Thanks Dan!! Loved this Live Stream!! This was so much fun!! Great topics for discussion tonight, really enjoyed your insights!!

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