Horses bought collectively on the final race of the Friday afternoons Harness Racing on the Lincoln County Honest and Free Horses was on the Observe!

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  1. Wow that looks bad. Is the reins in the legs or what but there’s just too much staff disturbing their balance. Or drivers putting them too close to each other. These horses clearly weren’t ready for racing yet.

  2. And (He has created) horses, mules, and donkeys, for you to ride and use for show; and He has created (other) things of which ye have no knowledge.

  3. Ils trafiquent tellement entre eux pour spolier les parieurs que je me réjouis de voir ces truands s’exploser la tronche par terre ..

  4. I wanna know who the fuck gave the green light to put the ambulance on the track with 2 loose ones still going…

  5. That announcer is great. Sorry he passed. He insures the audience that the one horse isn’t naughty and also handles the whole situation perfectly. What a great man he was

  6. I just want to commend that announcer for just talking everyone thru that. Without him that could’ve been much much worse

  7. This is the horses way of telling you that he is done with this legalized animal cruelty crap.

  8. That Announcer really has an enjoyable voice to listen too, Ringo over at THE LITTLE BROWN JUG !!!!! is painful to listen to . Too bad old Charlie never got the gig or at least at one of the big time raceways. This fair racing is what its all about to me……the horse and goodtimes with the ones we love !! The way Harness was meant to be.

  9. I’ve always admired the announcers with good sense! Thank you announcer!! You are a great part of that community! (i don’t like the racing communities much, but this announcer is great!!)

  10. You know the only person who is sensible is the announcer everyone in the background is scaring the horses
    And thankyou to the announcer for telling everyone dont chase the horse let it run and also for saying the horses were scared and not being naughty
    So great job to the announcer

  11. Horse #5 took out the ambulance with that chariot, while horse #7 thinks he’s in the biggest race of his entire career.

  12. Bro that guy that hit the last horse in the green and white 2:40…what was he thinking? He was a rider too, shouldn’t he know not to hit it? The horse is only gonna go faster if you do that lmao

  13. I hate exhibition sports at the expense of the animals just as much as I hate circus and zoos. Be respectful towards animals, humanity! You should know better!

  14. great announcer and people listening! let him calm down a bit and he will be alright….and he did calm down n was caught with zero injury!!

  15. Appears to me that the trailing horse ran in, and the driver’s wheel hit the hubrail. These things happen, but, IMHO, having watched tens of thousands of races, I think the driver could have been more alert going into that tight turn.

  16. All these assholes who are “jockeys” are morons. Looks like they all have one thing in common

  17. Wow can we all just say that the announcer was calm and know his stuff about horse 👏👏👏👏👏

  18. Definitely a lack of thought and professionalism. The ambulance should have stayed away until the loose horses were caught. And how dumb to stand on the track while the loose horse is pacing around.

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