One among my favourite card tips to carry out. This at all times will get good outcomes for me, I hope it does for all you guys as properly. I first noticed Harry Lorayne carry out this, and ever since then I’ve beloved this impact.

How Its Supposed To Be Carried out – Marques Kincaid

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  1. Nice tutorial. But how did he get his “kings” in his pockets/wallet at the end like he did it in his performances? And they weren’t duplicated in the deck.

  2. Give credit where credit is due. Harry Lorayne came out with this years ago. Stop stealing other people’s material.

  3. Tnx for a beautiful tutorial

    I already showed the trick to all peers and classmates. Everyone was impressed. Look at my channel for how to do the trick …. thanks again for the tutorial


    Like and subecribe

  4. Hey hester, Awesome channel buddy! I got inspired by you for cardmagic! I too havs a magic channel! And yea i wanna just ask that wanna collab with my channel? I’ll be really appreciated! Also reply me i msged you on your facebook page and instagram!

  5. I like how the three kings end up at the bottom, assisting you to lead into a four king production. Just simply spread through the cards, cull a king to the top, and perform spectator cuts the aces as taught on the 52Kards channel.

  6. I think that if you really like this effect, which isn’t even yours, you shouldn’t have exposed it. I hope you understand what I mean.

  7. Love your tricks I watch your video all the time to get better with my card tricks.

  8. Again Hester, another awesome trick that I have learned from you. You helped me become so experienced that I knew how to do the trick in the performance. Thank you😊

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  10. you could even tell the spectator to sign the card so they can be assured it’s not an extra ace of diamond.

  11. hester I have a suggestion to make the ‘jack robs a bank’ more awesome like use the traditional method n tell the audience that they also stole the ace of diamonds n then you use the undercut trick in which u mentioned in one of your previous tutorial.

  12. hi!!! u do amazing tricks, i just wanted to ask that from where can i buy these magic cards coz i hv no magic shops in and around my area

  13. Could u please check outmy channel and tell me wat u think? Also, can i perform this effect on my channel

  14. This one’s my new favorite, been practicing my double lift and I was able to perform it. Excellent trick, and excellent tutorial. Keep up the good work!

  15. seriously it is a good double lift and unnoticeable sleight. good job keep it up ill keep watching ur tutorials. thanks to you i learnt some basic tricks and some expert professional tricks

  16. dude here’s a advice for you. You’re always doin simple double lift moves. I loved your channel when i was a beginner but now i don’t even watch the tutorials.

  17. good trick, very clear instrustions so thanks for that but most of all, your simple tip for the double lift, just made it so much easier. i have been doing magic for a few years  and completly dropped the method i use for that simple method now, its so practical and easy to get down pat 
    GOOD JOB !!

  18. I live in Austin, tx and there are no magic shops to buy cards at, where else could I buy some besides online?

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