Thought I might make an EPIC stallion for a change so I can hopefully breed from him and make RARE FOALS! … THEN all of the sudden realized I might make Spirit!! He is superior!!

Anyway, you guys have any suggestion of which HORSE I ought to attempt to make?! I’m pondering Black Magnificence subsequent?!

Have a goooooood day!

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  1. Can you make my lesson horse star? He’s a chestnut with a little star at the top with two front socks

  2. The reason spirit in the series has a wite blaze is became he is spirt and reins son (spirt junior)

  3. Can you make Danash’s Northern Tempest? She a leopard Appaloosa who is the breyerfest celebration horse. She would be gorgeous.

  4. I would love to see you make boomerang from spirit riding free!!! I don’t usually watch this but I would love to see u make him!!!

  5. i had a thoroughbred with the marking belly rabicano, but remember that there are only thoroughbreds in rival stars

  6. Since I can’t for the life of me breed a nice dapple grey, will you make one? Possibly Joey from this Esmes channel.

  7. Make My Rocket in the game! He isn’t that well known but he is a 14.1hh pony who jumped 1.10m courses clear, now he is 20 years old and still works beautifully and jumps 1.10 and 90cm courses with ease! He is black with a small blaze ( I think its called the stripe snip in the game) and on his left back leg he has a coronet. Another fact about him, he has one eye and does all these amazing things! I think a good name for him in the game is Royal Rocket! Please make him, it would be amazing! P.S love you’re channel!

    And also a racehorse….. Rainbow Bridge! He is a bay with a big star and 4 socks!

  8. Half Splash is something you sometimes see on horses that are homozygous splash (whether is be SW1, 2, 3 or 4. SW5 was a singular occurrence that was never bred and SW6 has just been discovered so not much information yet other than a stud and a few of his offspring have it, so no homozygous yet lol)

  9. A few years ago I have a horse named jack and I loved him so much but he died a few months after we got him because where we got him from was a bad place and the farmer lied about his age and told us that he was 5 but no he was 29 and didn’t make it

  10. Omg we love Jack sparrow 🙂 And a suggestion for a horse you could make I would say since you like spotted horses maybe a Knabstrapper? Your can look it up if you want 🙂 and maybe call the horse Fox trotter? 🙂

  11. Make Spirit’s mate, Rain!! Spirit IS a dun, and Rain is a chestnut tobiano. If you would like, can you make his fan-made foal? Her name is Storm, and she is some sort of pinto. (Look up Spirit and Rain foal). Spirits first foal, the Spirit in Spirit Riding Free, looks just like him but with a large blaze.

  12. i need to take a picture of the mare i bred today because i think its a rare color i bred and i was only prestige 8 and the foal was level 4.Am now level 9

  13. i think LadyRangerGamer accidentally made Spirit a Female because she didnt check if the thing said Male or female XD

  14. I know this horse is personal to me and it’s a grey but could you please make a horse called peter? He is a grey(white) with a dark grey muzzle his mane is also white and a bit grey

  15. On the mobile one you can’t customise which is sad and I think you could make Valegro or some other star horses

  16. what about secreteriat? hes a stallion. a race horse from the film (funily enough…..) secreteriat.

  17. how about Cisco from heartland? or lightning dexter also from heartland? in the netflix series they r both male and r both race horses! 😀

  18. Ok I know this isn’t a real horse, but maybe you could make Black Beauty? He’d be pretty easy to make

  19. OMG!! please try make Valegro, I love him so so much, and would love to see you try make him 💕💘 I love your videos so much!! And I’m now saving up to get this on pc!!

  20. I use to have a horse named Gregio and he had the “half splash” and had a snip on his nose with a faint star. He died a few years ago due to a heart attack when he went lame for a week

  21. I hope these ideas will help you create another horse I just found some famous horses on YouTube I just want to help you out and I’m one of your fans I watch you everyday sorry I talk a lot I just love those two horses I have them in the collection of Breyers I’m sorry I talk alot to

  22. Here’s another famous horse in the wild his name is Picasso and he’s a pinto Stallion and he was the most famous horse in the wild look up Picasso to he looks super cool he’s a pinto horse and he was still really good lead leader and looks at a video up of Picasso the horse is a cool

  23. Oh I have a good one there you know Cloud the Breyer horse he was in the wild I looked up famous horses and his name was cloud and he was the last one in the hurt or something do you know Cloud though Breyer horse lookup Cloud the horse she’s a famous horse in the wild and if you know him that would be so cool I have the Breyer horse of cloud obeah cool makeover for the video

  24. Do rain from Spirit that’s the other in there she’s a pinto from Spirit and her name is rain that’s Spirit friend she was at the Indian camp she was in the movie

  25. Can you try and make one of my horses? The middle one (black splash blagdon – my absolute heart horse -he is a gelding but put him as a stallion – his name is AJ 🥰) in my profile pic. If not then can you try to make an Akhal Teke?

  26. Finally! Someone who doesn’t call Spirit a buckskin. He’s a dun kiger mustang! Also for a real life horse… Big Chex to Cash or Zenyatta

  27. Wait no omg jack sparrow is my grandads name btw did you know the film spirit and the episodes are made by world horse welfare an American community that save rescue horses and get them on to kind loving Homes and you get to join a free club to support them and soon ima try create a horse that they have xx

  28. Darn, it looks like the two I said are only on moblie… hopefully they’ll put it on desktop very soon because it is such a beautiful horse.

  29. Girl you deserve 1 million subscribers!!!!!!
    Like i love how fast you’re channel grows! ❤️

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