Manchester City vs Leicester City Betting Review - 26th December

The betting review has consisted of the latest performance, head-to-head, predictions, squads, betting odds & tips, betting spots, and previews of players. If you have any experience in the past, then you must have to apply here. In football, all the players have to perform. Let’s start the review with the latest performance.

Latest Performance

Manchester City played six games and won five times. They failed in only one game. On the other side, Leicester City also took part in six games to win in 2.

Head to Head

Both the teams had faced each other in September 2021. Manchester City posted one goal and conceded 0. It is the major difference between the two teams.


Manchester City picked 68% chances to win. On the other side, Leicester City also gained only 12% chances to carry the day. The remaining chances went in to draw level.


I have checked the latest news and updates. No one has declared the finals squad. We have to wait till the start of the game. According to my facts and figures, there will not be any change in the final squad

What is the date and time of the match?

The match will start at 19:00 on 26th December. Etihad stadium is ready to host the game.

What are the best sites for betting?

We have seen a lot of sites for betting. The best person is that who makes their predictions. He needs to check the latest information and players’ profiles before taking any decision. However, Betfair, Bet365, Purwin, and Betway are the major sites to post bets.

Betting odds & Tips

Manchester City picked 1.73 rates ( Bet365), 1.74 (Betway), and 1.42 by the Purwin.

On the other hand, Leicester City gained 3.62 (Bet365), 3.40 (Betway), and 3.55 by the Pure win.

A player with a red and Yellow card

Laporte played 7 games and faced 5 yellow cards. On the other hand, Ayaz also took part in the same number of games to face 2 yellow and one red card.

Last 6 matches results

Manchester City : L,W,W,W,W,W

Leicester City : L,D,D,L,W,W

Goals in English Premier League

In the English Premier League, Manchester City played seven games to win in 5. They failed in one game and one match did not take any side. The entire side posted 17 goals and conceded 3 also.

Bernardo Silva was a prominent player with 4 goals.

If we see the performance of Leicester City, then they also took part in the same number of matches to win two. They failed in a couple of games and lost 2. The whole side posted 9 goals and conceded 11. Jamie Vardy posted 9 goals as a single hand.


All the above information has been taken from reliable sources. If you want to compare any data, then it will be good for your outcomes. We made these predictions on the behalf of past detail. However, no one is responsible for any kind of loss in betting. Manchester City is ready to gain more points.

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