Manoj day: I Lost my 15,000 rupess on sports beting |4rah bet| is fraud casee big scam|gambler
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  1. Bro I too lost same as you 15k. His name is John fideru first I deposited with 5k and he asked me commission 9750 also i payed him after he is asking transfer bank commission and he is saying when u pay bank transfer fee the next minute u will get money in your Paytm. I requested him many ways he not refunding.

  2. @cryptolaundrer insta id isne mera 16k cheat kiya mrchd😠😠..r @NIK_MONEY_20 telegram pe 3k fraud kiya scamers mrchd log😠😠

  3. Bro iam lossed 40k in 4rabet of suman … Any option to return my money plzz help me bro 😭

  4. Only fraud hai 4rabet 572000 ka fraud hua hai mere sath verify k naam account bhi banned kar diya hai

  5. Money doubling vale ka kya scene h
    Koi rich vishal krke chlata h aur abhi username double money h

  6. Bhai manmeet singhal ka telegram pe channel hai uske upar video banao iska add bhi Instagram pe hai

  7. 0:44 pe millionaire from mummbai
    Iska second Chenal hia
    Rich ami ke nam se
    Bhai chek karna isko

  8. They launched New Unobet website scam, be alert. Since other website are getting exposed. They came up with new website… I almost lost money but I didn’t coz I have done research on this scam.

  9. Betwinner I am using so chaiyeye Wala check karlo , kisika pass nahi poochna , broker nahi retha usme , betwinner company and u direct only . Very good app once check then u will know it’s good app

  10. Yess bro even i lost 15k..yesterday😑…stil he is asking first give me commission thn i wil transfer the money

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  13. Ajj 26-11-2020 ka Instagram par add Mila @satis rich ka Jahan mujhe bola 15000 ka investment karo achcha hua aapka video dekh liya me Bach Gaya

  14. Generous Millionaire Rich ye b ek fraud hai lost 20 I…😭😭😭 plz sabhi fraud hai..paise mat dalna ….bro inko kaise rooke..? Police complain nahi karsakte kya….?

  15. The only possible way to successfully charge back a bitcoins transaction is to hack it. Downloading some specific keys and codes used to force the value of the holding bitcoins wallet to fall and the connecting wallet receives the bitcoins.
    I hired datrekrecovery to retrieve my stolen bitcoins from Olympus Market. This is how i got to know of the fact that hacking bitcoins from any wallet is possible . they will trace, track and pull out any bitcoins where ever it is stored if you have enough proof you own it.


  16. Bro one of my friend invested 5k with satish rich and now he is asking 9750 again for withdrawing any option to save my friend from this fraud

  17. Telegram channel ‘selena kass’ fraud don’t invest….I lost 2500/- …..paise paid hone k baad sala block kr deta hai…..paisa kama toh nhi sakta bas …..scam kr k le sakta bas……tu chain se nhi rhe paiga ….bhagwan sab dekhete hai….

  18. Bro rich vishal fruded 10k from my friend…

    So i scolded with bad words…..
    Will he trace me…???

  19. thnx bro mujhe bhi aj hi yahi scam mila h telgram m bahot jyada bad gya h same jo apke video m h vahi same telegram m bhi fake reviews h mujh se 10000 ka bet krne bol raha tha pr maine sabse pehle scam search kiya bhai apka video mil gya thnks ab paise nahi lagaunga my money is safe 😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁😁👍🙏

  20. India born to earn pakka fraud … 2 days back lost 10k .. and my 10k is stuck with him.. still messaging me to add money to win

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