Mario Sports activities Superstars brings the first-ever horse racing within the sequence to Nintendo 3DS. Stroll, pet, brush, feed, and decorate your horse to extend your bond. Then time your boosts, bounce over obstacles, and race strategically to win. Tackle mates and rivals in native or on-line multiplayer, hone expertise in coaching, or deal with single-player tournaments. Whether or not you decide Mario, Waluigi, or one in all sixteen others, you are on the street to superstardom!

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  1. The horse customization is a bit odd- 0:21. But otherwise, good event, and good game.

  2. The horses actually aren’t as random as I thought it would be.
    The horse riding also existed in the londen olympic games.

  3. Wow they decided to remove us from this sporting event…Nintendo probably just got mad that we always got more ratings then them

  4. I’m surprised the horses didn’t die from Bowser and Wario riding on them. Also it’s kind of weird that Yoshi and Donkey Kong, anthropomorphic animals, are riding on non-anthropomorphic horses.

  5. I can’t be the only one who thinks horses are extremely out-of-place for a Mario game, right?

  6. The ever out of touch Nintendo fails to understand why MLPFiM is so popular. It’d be funny to me if it weren’t so pitiful.

  7. How does a horse support Bowser? I would be expecting it to collapse similar to how the horse collapsed in Jack and Jill (yes, I had to reference THAT movie)

  8. Or you could let Camelot continue on with Golden Sun instead of wasting time on this junk.

  9. This is my favorite game in Super Mario Sports. The other games are just lighter versions of better pre-existing games. The Golf is especially noticeable.

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