I am so enthusiastic about this new matched betting on line casino information!

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I just lately made a video a few matched betting problem I did to see if I may make £1000 a month with Revenue Accumulator.
Watch right here : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=zY23Ab-AtUM

Now they’ve launched a brand new website Bonus Accumulator, which focuses particularly on on line casino affords and offers step-by-step directions on the right way to make an preliminary revenue of round £3500 – after which an ongoing potential £650+ per thirty days!

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  1. Haha is there dogs in the background? I was tripping watching this. Kept taking my headphones off and going to my door.

    Great introductory video, thank you!

  2. Started doing casino bonuses 2 weeks ago and on my first three goes I won a total of £39.20. Since the I opened 14 more accounts and I have won a total of £8.14. It not like match betting because theirs no guarantee of winning anything. I deposited £10.00 to get 100 free spins and won 8p then it took 11 days to get my £10.08 back. The returns unless you hit a big win aren’t worth your time and effort. Stick to match betting with its guaranteed profits.

  3. How much money have you started with, with the casino bets? Its nice to watch a everyday person doing these videos. Ive watched so many videos with people who talk rubbish lol. Ive just set up a new bank account for match betting and now watching this casino betting lol. Keep the videos coming

  4. When you say high risk low so at etc does that mean you risk losing your money? I’m.confusd I thought matched betting was not gambling..? Thanks hun great video .

  5. Been doing research and finally gave Casino’s offer a go. Signed up to BA and made a +£184 in 2 days, I did get a win of £155, but still. I never thought of it to be true and what you can achieve. The only tedious thing doing this is signing up and getting verified with documents, ID, etc…. certain websites want from you.

  6. Great Video, i was a members of PA , about 4 years ago and did most of the offers, and walked away with a few hundred pounds. Sam, did send me an email about the Bonus Accumulator, about a month ago and i did not bother with signing up. But after seeing you video i will use your ref link, cheers.

  7. Hello, I’ve known about matched betting for some time now, now I decided to give it a go but I’m not sure if its possible to do it when I’m not from the UK. Do you know something about that? Thanks in advance

  8. Thanks for this, was about to sign up but then remembered you introduced me so came back to use your referral link 🙂

  9. I’ve nearly completely rinsed out all the good casino offers on profit accumulator, is it worth getting paying for this website as well? I’m really considering it, but 17 pounds extra, per month seems like a lot to me. especially considering I’ve completed a good 80% of the casino offers off profit accumulator.

  10. Think ya cool hun beating the bookies without gambling its neat doing a bit myself slower keep up the videos watched em all

  11. Love your video a lot? Is casino? I Heard about teamcasino and Bonus Accumulator? Are both Casino and some have Profit Accumulated

  12. My wife has been doing casino offers and reloads since Dec 2019 and so far made over 3k.
    I prefer the sports bets myself but have dabbled in the casino offers totally worth doing

  13. I have been looking into both PA and BA for a while but haven’t yet signed up or used any such offers yet. Is it worth buying both PA & BA and not using the casino offers on PA so it does not restrict my offers available on BA? Or in your opinion which do you find makes you more profit & you recommend?

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  15. I really want to sign up for this but told myself I should finish the profit accumulator offers first! Thanks for making a video about this, it’s a great insight

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