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  1. ? Loving the vid! You should check SMZeus”dot”com.! ! It’s the best way to grow your channel!

  2. I don’t quite understand this because and Michigan we already knew gambling was legal anyway I mean you can go to the casinos you can bet online and you can play fantasy sports online.

    I don’t know if what it really means is that it gets taxed but we already knew your winnings get taxed anyway it’s like when you play the lottery if you win a certain amount of money it gets taxed a certain percentage of your winnings or if you want a check or something sent to your house for your winnings there is a certain percentage amount taken out of that two depending on how much you want I think all everyone knew that so that’s nothing new. I don’t know if it’s really saying that the tax bills went up higher so now they can take a higher percentage out. So that’s why I don’t understand how this is anything new because it all doesn’t sound like anything new we all know sports betting is legal Casino betting is legal and stuff like that. I don’t know if it’s new in a way like depending how much you win every year maybe all the fantasy Sports tell the IRS your winnings and you can still receive a tax bill even if you had not requested to have it put in a bank account or have a check sent to your house. So this is what I mean right here because I think we all know that of course no matter what you bet on depending how much you win it’s going to get taxed.

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