My first winning slots strategy for taking advantage of standard casino business practices by using them against casino operators for your profit. Collect the first win being given out when you first sit down at a slot machine, then move and collect those tastes from machine after machine. Works at about 1-in-4 casinos.

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  1. Hey professor, what happens if you do not get any hits within the first five spins? Should you stay on the machine or leave?

  2. Well I have to say that todays $15 free play from Resorts World Catskills NY went a long way. Any other time its gone within minutes but the 5 spin method actually let me have about 2 hours of entertainment today. 24 of 32 machines that I tested gave me a taste with 1 taking my bankroll to just over $30. Sadly no hand pays but I'm more than happy to have something extra to add to the next free play next week. Lowest bets were 8 cents on penny machines and 5 cents on nickel machines.

  3. Going to Harrahs in san Diego ca. June 1st after memorial day…hoping to to do something..going out on the floor after midnight..getting a slot that faces people walking…🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞🤞…love from Venice ca.✌😎💖.. any suggestions because it's after the holiday??

  4. I remember you u saying this on ur video long ago…love from Venice ca.✌😎

  5. Any info on which, if any of the Atlantic City casinos have set up their high limit rooms offering this taste . Thanks

  6. If I can manage to reel myself in (pun intended!) I want to use this FOR SURE when I’m in Primm/Vegas next weekend.
    I figure even if the casinos don’t give me a “taste”, maybe it will help me manage my bankroll better and mitigate any disasters. ☺️

  7. Since Hard Rock casino doesn’t go by the taste method, would it be better for me to remain at one machine? I lost the last 4 trips there

  8. What’s enough of a win to be considered the “taste”?
    In general I mean, because sometimes a win is just a few bucks.

  9. Hey professor I definitely need your help. So I’m in Virginia and we only have pari mutual slots and I was told that Rosie’s gaming in Virginia they can tighten or loosen the machines whenever they feel like it because they don’t need permission from the Virginia horse racing commission. It’s extremely hard to win here. I lost $10,000 last year playing those machines and now I’m trying to give up gambling.

  10. Do you know which if any casinos in Vegas implement this strategy? Are there ones that pay relatively higher? Planning a vacation there in a couple months.

  11. Hi Professor. Just bought your course. I’ll have a couple months to review it before I can apply it. I’m currently deployed to Afghanistan. Looking forward to using it in Atlantic City.

  12. Would this work perhaps in any of the California Indian casinos?? Chumash, San Manuel, Barona??

  13. Does this method work with older slots only or does it work with newer ones like Lighting links, Dragon Links also?

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