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My Favorite GAMBLING Routine!! – Magic Tutorial

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  1. Cavan – this concept was actually put out by Joe Riding in the mid-90’s (in his booklet New Style Gambling Routines). I’m not suggesting for one moment that you nicked it – because the booklet was in limited circulation. However, it’s always good to be aware of the original creator.

  2. Great video, thanks!

    You could also use the gathering up of cards after the first deal to put any other ace and picture cards that turn up by fluke into the correct position and then do a completely fair deal. Just say you’ll make the same player the winner again.

    If you see what I mean.

  3. You don’t need to look through the cards after the shuffle, you could cop the blackjack hand, ask the spectator to shuffle the deck, take the deck back and make eye contact as you load the cards on the bottom and explain that your not even gonna look at the cards, ask them how many players in the game and then bottom deal that hand. It’s that simple! and it’s a lot cleaner.

  4. It’s a fairly decent trick and a GREAT starting ground. There are a few inconsistencies such as; you looking through the deck and forcing which card is dealt first. But it’s a good starting ground and its a nice place to build off and make new tricks using the same principles.

  5. Thank you for the very handy and IN DEPTH tutorial. I’m thinking of putting together a fun card cheat routine and this might well be the piece de resistance !!

  6. Hey dude I love your videos and tricks by the way Iam cardist from india.lots of love for your channel.keep doing it dude.

  7. After watching 10 minutes, I don’t know what you’re going to do, bottom deal or second deal but I think you’re really good, this is the most detailed and longest tutorial I’ve ever seen on Youtube about a cards trick, but unfortunately, my English is not good enough to hear and understand the whole thing. T_T

  8. Amazing tutorial! I really enjoy gambling routines. I like how the spectator can shuffle the deck. Couldn’t you use a bottom deal (keeping an ace and ten on the bottom) to genuinely give any player blackjack?

  9. I’ve only ever practiced push off since it allows me to practice second dealing the cards different ways adding variability instead of executing the same maneuver repeatedly.
    But I still struggle & im no where near where I’d like to be in seconds.

  10. Oh nice. I needed some advice on how to get my lil’ bit of setting ready after someone shuffled and you provided the right tips, and the glance is something I’ll use for sure. Thanks for this tutorial, sir!
    I was working on a close version of such cheat. A close version because some people I know are picky on what position is dealt first and would sometimes point out that the deal started at the winner’s position instead of the “first” position. It rarely happens, but it happened, éh… So now here what I’m practicing : for a four players’ game with winner at fourth position, I would use your “get ready” but cut between the ace and ten getting one on top and one at the bottom, then dealing “second, second, second, bottom, second, second, second, first”. It is unecessary sophistication because it’s really rare that people complain about what position is dealt first. My deals are far from perfection but they worked fine enough when I needed them. Yeah I know, such complex sophistication can be avoided with the third deal that you taught on your channel too. 🙂
    Happy new year, cheers!

  11. Thanks for the awesome tutorial. My first shuffle and run through the deck the Ace/Court-card combo appeared THREE TIMES!…and one of those was on top of the deck. On the second shuffle it appeared twice. On subsequent shuffles the combo always appeared at least once. Very interesting.

  12. Loved the tutorial! Have you ever had it where some of the other players that were not meant to get blackjack accidentally got blackjack – if so how did you deal with it?

  13. Thank you for teaching this it’s my favourite kind of card magic because it’s relatable to pretty much everyone and gets away from the usual pick a card or ooh your card magically is back on top or is now in my back pocket etc, And doing it for free is very generous of you Fanx 👍🙂

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