Looking for NBA betting tips and how to make money when betting on basketball? In the latest edition in our Sports Betting Series, Minty Bets sits down with professional sports bettor Teddy Covers to go over some of his personal betting tips when handicapping the NBA to help you make money when betting on professional basketball. Some of the sports betting tips Teddy will cover:

– Ride the hot and fade the cold. You want your money on good teams playing well and fading bottom feeders playing poorly. Even post-All-Star Break: Knicks 6-15 ATS LY and everyone knew they stunk.

– NBA stats that matter: Offensive & defensive efficiency: pp/100. Effective FG rate on O and D. Rebound rate % of available rebounds, turnover rate & of course pace for totals. The markets pay CLOSE attention which is why an OKC can make their backers so much $$ — stats were good, not great. Note that Homecourts mean LESS for the very good teams that win on the road.

– Identify teams in their best and worst roles ASAP. 2020: Lakers great road team, Sixers worse than the Knicks on the highway. OKC fantastic as an underdog, Clev 0-for the season as favorites. Off a win Spurs, Pistons, Bulls all awful. Off a loss (Clippers & Heat great). And let’s not forget totals and how they relate to roles – teams that cash sides when they go Under, teams that fly Over when they are big dogs, etc etc. Up to you to identify these before the markets do. ‘Recreational bettors bet teams, professional bettors bet numbers’ is a flaw that recreational bettors can exploit!

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