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  1. Just because u cover a bunch of content. It means nothing if we can hardly understand u bc u talk so fast.& on top of that mostly lose. 54% is NOT THE GOLDEN BAR!!!!!!! If you’re breaking even all your life how are you living day to day?
    Put on big boy pants and just step your game up & quit making excuses as if all of this losing is justified bc it’s not.

  2. Bro handicapping doesn’t require split second decisions. That’s a square move. U should have all your info together before the video & stop wasting time shouting out 100 different people we could care less about. Give out winners & stop chasing + money .Clearly, you’re over doing it.

  3. idk whether to tail you or fade you since the divisional round of nfl playoffs its been rough take many breaths think slow not to fast you need more time!

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