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After the football world cup, English Premier League is the best season to promote the players at the international level. I am here to assist you with all the latest information on teams. It has consisted of the latest performance, predictions, squads, head to head, statistics, betting odds & tips and much other detail. You do not need to worry about the official result at the end.

Latest Performance

I took the data for the last 6 matches to conclude the result. The New Castle United played 6 games and remained undefeated in 2 ones and loosed in 3 matches. If we talk about the other side, Leeds United, it also played 6 games and won in 3 matches. It showed the clear difference between the two sides.

Head to Head

Both sides have met with each other in January 2021. The Leeds United rattled all the hopes of the other side with 1-2 goals at the end. No doubt, it is the only side that has an advantage over the opposition.


The New Castle has only 34% chances to win the game versus the 40% of Leeds United. We have checked that the 26% chances did not favor any side.


Both sides will announce the official squads before the start of the game. So, it would help if you stayed here till the start of the game. We will try our best to post the desired information.


I am going to talk about the latest scores in the English Premier League 2021. The New Castle played 2 games and failed to win even a single one. They scored 4 goals and conceded 6. Wilson is the top scorer with 2 goals.

If we talk about the opposition, then Leeds United also played 2 games in the English Premier League and left the same result as the above. Some of the major players scored 1,1 goal.

Betting Odds & Tips

All the viewers want to know about the betting price for two contenders. I have checked that New Castle United picked the 11/5 betting price versus the 11/10 of Leeds United. The remaining 27/10 did not favor any side.


After reading all the major inputs about the game, it is not a big deal to announce the day’s winner. In football, all the players have to perform at a crucial time. I tried my best to post all the appropriate information about the game. No doubt, the official result may be different than the expectation. So, we are not responsible for any kind of issue. Leeds United has a lot of chances to win the game.

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