The guys get into a heated debate about Nate Sudfeld attempting 12 passes in a meaningless game for the Eagles. Then they briefly hit on the rest of week 17 and go over what they got right and wrong from their NFL Win Total predictions. Plus a quick look ahead at the betting lines for NFL Super Wildcard Weekend.

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  1. This Bears/Saints line is a bit ridiculous. It’s too high, if the Bears can get some type of pass rush on Brees this game could be really close. The Bears are a decent team and are far better since moving back to Trubisky.

  2. Boys lmao you gotta chill a bit. I understand both points of view, people so quick to blast the other side are a waste of time and don’t comprehend the situation properly. I feel for the Giants and seeing your season end that way is brutal, but its also Philadelphia’s prerogative to do what they feel is best for their franchise. I will say though the way they did it was pretty lame, they played the first three quarters to win then pass up an obvious field goal to the tie game and proceed to put in a guy that had NO hope of making any kind of play. Unfortunate way to end the season honestly.

    And I’ll say this, I keep hearing the old narrative repeated that Sean mentioned “I don’t know about this Green Bay defense.” I’m not sure why people continue to come with that. They are 6th in non garbage time EPA, have one of the better secondaries in the league, including the best corner outside of Jalen Ramsey in the league. And their run defense has gotten better. They have tons of talent their problem arises against zone running schemes because Pettine can’t adjust or teach guys how to properly combat that. Its coaching but good news is there is no Shanahan and the 49ers zone running scheme to deal with this year.

    Green Bay and Buffalo by far playing the best football.

  3. Pederson said he was coaching to win. Dumb enough they put Sudfeld in but keeping him in for a third drive after two turnovers in only five plays? Full on tank. Shouldve known eagles getting +6.5 vs Seahawks that I shouldn’t bet their games. Eagles are blacklisted. That being said you aren’t safe Kramer. Giants suck! Love the podcast guys love the intensity

  4. Had to tune out after that fight. The rest of the show felt like an awkward family dinner after a big argument. Just too much underlying tension lmao

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