This video breaks down gameplay & discusses whether or not the NFL riggs their games to reflect Las Vegas gambling lines.

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  1. The NFL is soooooo fake it makes me sick to watch it. Cause once you see it, you can’t UNSEE it. All the missed tackles on purpose. All the “blown coverages” on purpose. All the cornerbacks not even LOOKING at the ball anymore… On purpose. Missed field goals, on purpose. Then I just get mad when people can’t see what I think is EXTREMELY obvious! They are under some sort of spell…
    You do good work tho bru. Keep it up. I enjoy you calling them out.

  2. Long time ravens fan…our superbowl year against 49ers was obvious to me….and the couple kicks justin tucker missed that they “jynxed”

  3. Most of your athleets come from poverty. You think they care to lose if ask? Pro sports aint nothing but rich slaveing the poor! Period

  4. Aint no way vegas gets that close on spreads every week lol. A house full of money can control anything! Remember that..

  5. I do believe they do shave . Made a ton off the chiefs d letting up on teams with a lead during the reg. season

  6. Can someone please explain this to me, come next season and probably basketball I’m going to be betting and I want to make sure I understand the fine line technicalities of spread and money line i know what they mean, they games are rigged over under etc what I don’t understand is if I picked eagles to win money line but since they didn’t cover I lose even if I picked eagles moneyline or say I pick Texans money line and not to cover dont both situations have to occur to win on the game instead of just 1 of the 2 or does 1 involve the other since the spread is so small? If I pick Texans to win the spread doesn’t matter I imagine but how do I win even if the Texans didn’t because the eagles didn’t cover spread, I know the parlay you have to pick everything correctly including over under and or prop (individual players, this explains why some players could be involved as moles to take a dive and to swerve bets same way as spread) is picking the other team to win moneyline the same as getting both including moneyline even though they didn’t win as say picking eagles moneyline and not to cover is there such a thing as picking a moneyline team and a bet not to cover??

  7. U think they’re more worried about the money coming in on the spread than the public going crazy with the overs?

  8. Everything there’s gambling on is fixed from time to time, just like the games at casinos are in the house favor so will the sports betting be in the house favorite.

  9. Is this still a question? Of course billionaires rig EVERYTHING. I mean cmon look at the 2020 Presidential sElection.

  10. When I saw coaches and fans getting mad at the fact the running back stopped at the one yard line to avoid a touchdown.

  11. I Live In Toronto Canada where Sports Betting Is Totally Legal And Yes We All Feel That Way Up Here too about it being rigged as well.

  12. Nobody talks about spreads and favorites in any other sport as blatant as they do in the nfl..

  13. As a person and the people from Detroit that watched Lions games knew the games b rigged.. People outside of the city come to the games to watch them lose.. And the Ford family has a beef history with the NFL..

  14. If foles would have lost the first game….u will have a whole story bout how him losing was rigged….yall say they cheated for peyton manning when he won super bowl…but when he got blown out in superbowl,yall say they cheated for seahawks 😂😂😂😂😂 DOSENT MATTER WHAT THE OUTCOME IS,YALL WILL SAY ITS RIGGED..STFU

  15. You will never get through to the conspiracy gamblers hahaha if your that lost in the sauce about point spread conspiracies bet the moneyline lol

  16. I had identified Eagles/Panthers DB *Rasul Douglas* as a potential mole way before I saw this video. Then I go from this video to the condensed game of the Texans/Eagles and I watch the final texans drive…Douglas gives up the TD _without looking back for the ball!_ As the ball arrives it looks like he could deflect the incoming pass but he *doesn’t play the ball* …just keeps his eyes glued to the receiver and allows the TD catch. Could be that Rasul was allowing his receiver to score.😐
    I now have pretty sharp eyes for this stuff…here’s something you could look at from earlier this season where the Panthers are scripted to lose to the Bucs (Tom’s new team, of course). Here’s the vid:
    *Buccaneers vs. Panthers Week 10 Highlights | NFL 2020*

    Examine the play at 3:08 where *#24 Rasul Douglas* refuses to intercept Brady’s pass. Brady leads a receiver who stops and settles in the end zone…this mis-read causes Tom to pass the ball directly to Douglas in the back of the end zone. It’s essentially a perfect pass to Douglas as if he’s the intended receiver.

    And yet Douglas seems to have no interest in attempting to catch the interception! He simply clubs at the ball to make it look as if he’s trying to react in some meaningful way.

    The Panthers were ahead by 7 so the moles were letting the Bucs back into the game. This is why the Patriots had the magical ability to never fall too far behind in almost any of their games during the Tom Brady-era…Moles will immediately start to help the Patriots get back into the games as soon as they trail by even 7 points.

    Now watch Douglas at the play at 6:00…We see Brady throw a simple WR screen pass…Douglas converges instantly and should be able to wallop the receiver or at least wrap-tackle him for no gain. But somehow, this professional player comes nowhere close to making a simple tackle… The play results in a 35 yard gain for Tom’s Bucs.

    Take the position of Kicker, for example: These guys fail again and again, being released and then re-hired by one NFL team after another. It’s like musical chairs. The reason you see the same kickers always playing in the league no matter how often they fail is that they are essential mole players.
    Just yesterday, Vikings kicker *Dan Bailey* had a career-worst four misses — three field goals and an extra point — during Sunday’s 26-14 loss in Tampa Bay.

    Many have noticed that Tom Brady’s new team seems to live a charmed existence…
    In a big showdown game against Green Bay & Rodgers, Tom’s Buccaneers somehow managed to do something only two teams EVER achieved:
    *Only three NFL Games with Zero Turnovers, Zero Penalties, Zero Sacks, Since 1970*
    1. Minnesota at L.A. Rams, 1972
    2. Indianapolis at Cleveland, 1999
    3. Tampa Bay vs. Green Bay, 2020

    Suddenly due to Tom’s extreme genius for the game of football the Bucs can now go unpenalized for ENTIRE games ? And can suddenly do things almost unheard of in league history???

    In another Bucs game vs. the Giants, the Refs brazenly awarded Tom’s new team a victory by blatantly ignoring pass interference captured clearly in slow motion on instant reply review . Obviously Tom’s Bucs are scripted to make the playoffs this year.

    So Dan Bailey, despite an incredible inability to kick yesterday against the Bucs, seems to remain employed by the Vikings. Why not? Bailey was just doing his job to help the Bucs make the playoffs per league orders.

    We all know how kickers seem to miss a lot when playing Tom Brady…From 2000-2019 the worst accuracy for opponent kickers was *76%* when they played… guessed it: *THE PATRIOTS* .
    The next worst was 80% against San Diego and the best was 85% – a walloping 9% better than Patriots opponents. So Kickers somehow FORGOT how to make field goals against the Patriots? Obviously these FG kickers were moles intentionally missing a lot to help Tom to victory.

  17. Sports betting has rigged the NFL. If you have 2 functioning eyes in the front of your head, you can see this.

  18. Anything that is about hundreds dollars is rigged I dont care what it from sports down too America got talent haha

  19. I’ve always wondered this with ppl going for 2 for no reason now. Used to be common knowledge to not go for 2 until you had to.

  20. I became a millionaire off this video thanks your a genius I can finally buy all the cardboard and shrimp waffles I want and even send a few hits out how lucky

  21. You turned a 1 minute video in to a battery runner outer.. please tell us again about the point spread.

  22. U do realize 70% of football games is decide by 3points right. Not to factor in the line only move do to the public betting on the games. And the eagles is know for going for it 4th & 1 and going for 2 & even if eagles kick the extra point and doing miss it’s a 3pt game and u don’t get the 3 1/2


  24. There are over 1,500 players in the NFL, if you think none of them would come out with it being faked you’re delusional. Like how would a player like zeke not come out with it being faked after how much hatred he had to goodell. And the there’s players like Antonio brown who are complete idiots after he lost all of the attention, why didn’t he ever say it was rigged to get attention… maybe because it isn’t. Then they’re payers like jj watt and Larry Fitzgerald who are both really good people, why would they play in a corrupt league. And I’m not even mentioning retired players, like what’s stopping someone from the bills coming out and saying all 5 of their Super Bowls were fixed. Nothing. This isn’t even mentioning how much more money the nfl would get if they made all the bad teams have good runs. I’ve heard people saying that they made the inners good because they were bad for to long and the fans were losing interest. Like they won the nfc championship 7 years ago, why not make the browns win, the had a 500 season and the entire nfl fan base was hyping them up. The nfl’s ratings would have gone way up if they had them do good. And the wwe was found out it was fixed almost instantly what’s stopping people from finding out the nfl is rigged. Especially the difference of the two sports nobody grew up trying to get to the wwe (except for really young kids) but people devote they’re entire life to the nfl, and when they finally get drafted how do you think they’re going to react when the find out it’s faked. They wouldn’t keep quiet and go along with it. So instead of calling everyone mindless sheep who have a Brian and don’t think it’s faked. Grow up and realize that you’re team is just bad and you’re desperate for a excuse.

  25. Why 2? Because they wanted to go up 6 instead of 5 meaning they would be up by a touchdown than lose the lead if they give up 6. And they are still down 3 if Houston had scored. Jake elliot has a history of missing field goals. He missed one earlier that year when they were playing my chiefs. He missed a pat and a 40 yarder. I like how he says field goals are chip shots. You get your ass out there and kick a field goal with 11 guys running directly at you

  26. Not only did they move the extra-point tries back to the 15 for gambling reasons but it’s the magical number 33 yards away from the goal post The Illuminati’s number in the whole NFL is owned and run by gambling Masons

  27. NBA Atlanta +8 NHL Dallas/Kings under 5 this two bets most likely will win tonight because more than 70% of money the public is betting is on the other teams watch and see.Posted at 6:48pm EST on 1/8/2020 of course live betting changes things as well where the river of money goes the lines jump and change.

  28. I have discovered thru trial and error how the games are rigged Follow the money trail and it will come up with possible outcome and how to beat they system is simple there are websites out there that show you % of money on bets they track the money percentages go to them if the public is betting 75% or more on that bet is going to go the opposite makes sense right? the bookmakers want to make money try it out there is software on the internet that tells you the percentage of money on a particular game how many bets and how percentage of money, specially true on NBA and NFL big money, specially true on spreads and Over under, I have one website that I pay $10 a month that tells me those percentages and I have seen it happen over and over, once in a while the book makers get it wrong but when the public has more than 80% money on one bet it is going the way and live betting also affects the outcome as well this sites show you the money movement all day till end of the game.

  29. Just liked the stock market. Beat them at their game. It’s entrainment for money…to make money. No reason to hate. Bet your money where you think their money is and that’s not easy.

  30. If they would have had the 2 points from PAT’s then the eagles would have just ran out the clock at the end and won 31-30. Seems like a lot of trouble just to depend on a field goal for exciting ending.not saying this is not a legit claim, but with all that happened between failed 2 point conversion, and game winning field goal, there would have to be a lot of people involved.

  31. Just like Cody parkey before Jake Elliott is the master of barely missing extra points. That’s why he just got a contract

  32. man i have always thought all sports were rigged and going to the mob museum in vegas really confirmed it so i stopped betting on sports period i even stopped watching it great video and breakdown

  33. And why didn’t the refs call a penalty for sick face mask? the league is in bed with betting industry for billions of dollars in kickbacks!!! last night new England vs Cowboys both teams tried hard not to cover the spread!!! THE FIX WAS IN!!! ALL THE WAY TO THE END!!

  34. Absolutely! just last night New England vs Cowboys was obvious rigging not to cover the spread. NBA Suns vs Nuggets tried very hard to cover the spread by throwing the game in last minutes!!!! rigged SPORTS!!! I feel professional teams know what the spreads are and know where the money is betted on and shave points for kickbacks!!!!

  35. Absolutely! just last night New England vs Cowboys was obvious rigging not to cover the spread. NBA Suns vs Nuggets tried very hard to cover the spread by throwing the game in last minutes!!!! rigged SPORTS!!!

  36. do you know what juice is? Sportsbooks dont have to rig games they make profit no matter what side wins buddy. good video tho

  37. Great vid man. Yeah, I used to think all those inexplicably bad calls or botched plays were all random. But, no way. Just check the end of NBA games when some of the most skilled and athletic men in the world become bumbling oafs for a couple minutes.

    And don’t get me started on baseball, all you need is the pitcher to leave a curve over the middle and that’s that.

  38. If you’re so confident that what they tell you before the games is a lie…why not bet opposite?

  39. Gambling is a multi billion dollar industry…..which is why you dont rig it. Ounce your integrity is gone you lose your customer. So no the NFL is not rigging games. They make way more money putting the best product possible on the field and letting you and the bookies figure everything else out. When was the last time you bet on Wrestling ?

  40. If people knew how rigged the whole system is they would riot. But the system has been successful in one thing, keeping people complacent.

  41. I suggest you run a percentage of blown ref calls in KEY plays (not overall). It’s very educational.

  42. Whenever there is money there is corruption….sports betting….politics…..the Catholic church….

  43. Silliness none of that shit’s fixed and it’s very easy to figure out how they come up with the point spread

  44. You know taking the Eagles +2.5 means the game would start 3-0 Eagles basically and you bet the eagles would win…

  45. Whats an incentative? Stop trying to sound smart, you’re not.
    You might want to actually do some research on sports betting in the usa. Its only legal in a handful of states and on only legal in those states for a year or two. NFL and other pro sports have been around for a hundred years.

  46. All sports are fixed because it’s allowed under law. All professional sports are registered as “entertainment “ not competitive individual team play. The NFL teams are all under one umbrella, the NFL. Not individual team cities competing by themselves. It’s on the back of your ticket of admission. Entertainment! WWE I the only sport that tells you they are fake and entertainment. The others play it up as competition. NBA, MLB, NFL, NASCAR etc…it’s a multi billion dollar industry and they are not going to leave it to chance when they make so much more by controlling certain outcomes to build GOAT story lines or whatever…so if you like football just look at it as entertainment and not by chance outcomes. There, you are entertained.

  47. Sorry, but there’s one big flaw in your logic, if they had made both of those single points, they would have been ahead 31-23, and then a TD would have made it 31-29, and Houston would have gone for two at that point, if they miss it and Philly wins by two, where’s your fixed plays then? To say, it could have been 31-30 at this point, or it would have been a 34-30 final just is a denial of reality. It could have been 34-31, maybe, or any number of things. My main point is, how much did you bet on this game when you knew it was fixed? If the answer is zero, then you didn’t know it was fixed until after things happened…. like always.

  48. Those extensions they put on the uprights a few years ago have electromagnets that make kicks go left or right at their beck and call…The K balls have metal in them……It would be possible anyway.

  49. HINT: When you know the game is rigged, you can figure the way to place your bets. Went 15-6 last year, against the spread.

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