Join Brenner and the puckheads as they break down the NHL Futures in order to separate the teams that hold the value. Tune in and get the info to beat your book. Compare all NHL betting sites:

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hey welcome back everybody sportsbook
review this is the puckheads once again
we are doing an update on the NHL
futures because right now it’s that time
of year where the cream is rising to the
top you’re going to see a lot of teams
that their values either higher or lower
depending on injuries their record I
mean there’s so many factors that go
into it so with that being said we’ve
got Dana lane from vegas got Scotty
Carter right here in the studio with me
let’s start off with you Dana lane Dana
what do you think about the futures and
who maybe holds the edge and where would
you take a lean well what’s really great
about the futures International Hockey
League mike is that the books really
give you are a way to make a ton of
money and meaning you’re not going to
see a lot of 2 to ones or 3 to ones until
we get right to the end of the season
and right now like you can get a team
like the Pittsburgh Penguins which i
think is the best team in National
Hockey League you can get them at eight
to one where you can get a team like
Edmonton oilers who could sneak up
on everybody in the West still at 22 and
one in fact you could take Pittsburgh
edmonton columbus san jose Washington
Montreal put a hundred dollars on each
of those and have one of those wins you
profit and that’s how good that the odds
are in the national hockey league
futures right now
well I like that outlook now how about
when it comes to futures for not winning
the Cup but maybe winning the division
right do you look into that as well
well the conference for the conference
oh yeah not so much in fact
i’m not a huge futures player anyway
but what I will tell you is if it is far
as in the East where you have two teams
like Pittsburgh and Washington who are
certainly two of the favorites to win
the Stanley Cup if you just wanted to
place a couple bets on two teams you
might want to just take those two
knowing that one of those two was going
to come out of the east in fact you
might want to get on the both of those
two team because they may play each
other and the first round of playoffs
which would be interesting considering
the loser would probably be better than
anybody in the west

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