The PuckHeads are coming off of a sweep and plan to keep the momentum going. Brenner and Lane go Head-to-Head tonight so don't miss the Breakdowns. Cash Those NHL Tickets! Visit the best NHL sportsbooks:

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welcome everybody sportsbook review its
march 28 March Madness is almost over
but for the NHL we’re just heating up
the ice I am joined once again with my
partner in crime Dana lane from Las
Vegas and the puck heads we swept the
board last time out Dana was 2-0 and 1 I
went one and 0 and we really plan on
continuing this momentum so with that
being said Dana first and foremost so
glad to have you on with us this doesn’t
surprise me this is the pattern that you
displayed last year not only on the
videos but also in your articles so for
the viewers who are not tuning in to the
articles the daily NHL articles from SBR
make sure you do so dana has been
clicking on all cylinders alright buddy
we’re getting close to playoff time what
do you like today and is there anything
you want to tell our viewers as far as
maybe look out for this or this is that
time of year when you might be able to
have an edge that normally they’re not
used to receiving you know good morning
like you know as far as future wagering
or an edge that somebody might have by
getting involved in future wagering look
I don’t want to invent the wheel here
mike i still like the Pittsburgh
Penguins and you can still get them at
four to one this is to me this is the
best team and a National Hockey League
they are as deep as anybody in the
league they apply more pressure on
opposing goaltenders than anybody in the
league and this all by the way it is
while they’re still trying to get
healthy they have had a rash of injury
issues over the last month and a half
and and unfortunately for them they have
not been able to play with a full lineup
for for that whole amount of time so I
think you’re still getting them at then
6 to 1 in some spots best power play in the
league best top six the Letang comes
back they have one of the best defensive
units in the league and plus they have
that Stanley Cup pedigree so for me it’s
it’s the Pittsburgh Penguins all the way

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  1. Great video,I’m in the cab with Brenner on this one,let’s hope Mcdavid and co get it done.Recently Caps (Ovechkin) , Sharks (Thornton) and Just yesterday Buffalo (Gionta) have won big after player ceremonies,let’s hope that trend continues!

  2. Brenner I’m with you on Edmonton baby! BOL!
    Also liking Columbus BIG; Toronto and Anaheim.

    NBA: Miami and Washington

    NCAA: Cal State Bakersfield +3 (I’ll be at the game here at MSG rooting my ass off!)

  3. lol the flyers have 4 teams to pass with 7 games left, they are not making the playoffs. Does florida and buffalo still have a chance too? lol

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