The puck drops on the 2021 NHL season tomorrow! From division realignment to a shorter schedule to expanded rosters, the upcoming year will present an unusual set of challenges that hockey bettors have not been previously tasked with. In this season premier episode of Puck Time, professional bettors Andrew McInnis, Carmine Bianco and Don Buster discuss on how they plan to handicap the 2021 NHL season with a look at the updated Stanley Cup odds and futures market.

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  1. What’s happened to the divisions, they took St Louis out of central? Nhl needs to go school and learn geography.

  2. B careful w BRUINS Im a Boston guy BUT they lost Krug and NO FIREPOWER like usual. TUKKA is done hes a HEAD CASE! I love HALAK but OLD. PASTERNAK is NON committal to being great and a– slacker — off the ice and dont come to play every day. BERGH and MArchand are not EXPLOSIVE and they dont got much else. STAY AWAY! for now.

  3. Let me help u w CHARRA since Im a from Beantown guy. I agree w Loyalty part but thats not what happened. Most likely is THEY wanted a LESSER ROLE for him he really dont have it no more. He didnt want that so he left LAST minute and thats why he waited he wanted to stay and probably coach here some day but HE IS TERRIBLY slow and HURTS team badly I watch the games. Last 2 years hes killing Bruins out there. ZERO offense also. Also BRUINS are WAYYY overrated b careful. They have NO SKATERS or FIREPOWER for years now and their top guys are getting very old w mileage.

  4. Yesss! NHL time a real sport not a primaddona flake sport like NBA where they sit for no reason and quit games.

  5. I cannot explain how excited I am to have you boys back. Here’s to another amazing season and lots of πŸ’°πŸ’° so excited. Love from Waterloo Ontario

  6. i also gave out the blues and tampa stanley champ. they both had very similar setups. I like calgary this year, but vegas makes me nervous

  7. Wild are 6-1-1 against Vegas since Vegas came into the league.. Yes im a homer lol but I think the WILD will take the 4th or 3rd spot in the west. Kaprizov looks AMAZING.

    For thursday night i already know im going to be taking a prop bet for Kaprizov to score. I will likely be going back to this prop over and over all year

  8. Just started the show. Andrew and Carmine those backgrounds look SICK!!!!! Amazing woooo #PUCKTIME!!! #LETS GOOOOOOO WILD

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