NHL Picks and Predictions for Thursday, January 14: In this episode of Puck Time, professional bettors Andrew McInnis, Carmine Bianco and Bryan Leonard discuss their favorite NHL sides and totals on tonight’s card.

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πŸ—“οΈ Thursday’s Featured Games:
New York Islanders vs New York Rangers
Winnipeg Jets vs Calgary Flames
Detroit Red Wings vs Carolina Hurricanes
Anaheim Ducks vs Las Vegas Golden Knights
Minnesota Wild vs Los Angeles Kings

✏️ 2021 NHL Betting Preview: https://youtu.be/4cQsF5Lzdys
πŸŽ“ NHL Handicapping Tips and Strategies: https://youtu.be/U9JNwJGVQmE

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  1. The problem is you guys dont pick all teams straight up . I could pick a under over on 1 team too .

  2. Haha, like the show and most cappers but come on it’s an 11 game slate and you have a guy giving Ducks 1st period as his best bet! Do enjoy the videos but some guys are fillers!

  3. You are always live for about a minute before you actually start talking, what an unprofessional channel

  4. Totals are the easiest money in the world. 4-0 for me last night going to be an amazing season for money I know it

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