NHL Picks and Predictions for Monday, March 1: In this episode of Puck Time, professional bettors Andrew McInnis, Carmine Bianco and Dave Cokin discuss their favorite NHL sides and totals on tonight’s card.

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πŸ—“οΈ Monday’s Featured Games:
Carolina Hurricanes vs Florida Panthers
Toronto Maple Leafs vs Edmonton Oilers
Vancouver Canucks vs Winnipeg Jets
Calgary Flames vs Ottawa Senators
St Louis Blues vs Anaheim Ducks

✏️ 2021 NHL Betting Preview: https://youtu.be/4cQsF5Lzdys
πŸŽ“ NHL Handicapping Tips and Strategies: https://youtu.be/U9JNwJGVQmE

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  1. Let’s overreact to all your darling teams who have 9 players injured. I’ll be here to remind you so. Blues will be fine and be past Minnesota when healthy. Every team goes through injuries and adversity. πŸ‘Ž

  2. Carmine, I thought of you this weekend watching your poor Sabres in their hapless matinees. The Flyers played a fairly sloppy game on Saturday, but were never really threatened, and were playing not to lose, which didn’t take much against the home side. On Sunday both teams played better hockey, and the Sabres got some bad iron luck off the net post, but there was never a great threat of the game getting away from the clearly better team.
    My biggest take away from the weekend though, was how awful that play by play gentleman is for Buffalo. I honestly don’t want to learn his name, because I’ll just be more unkind than is my intention. You and Prez joked about Krueger being old and out of touch behind the bench, but this poor bloke makes Sam Rosen sound like David Lee Roth as he calls a game. In his defense, it’s hard to make this particular product sound appealing, but at this point, listening to a Buffalo Sabres game is like being upsold a casket by a overly experienced mortician….

  3. top 10 movies (comedy)so far.(not ranked in order)let it ride/wise guys/what about BOB?/were the millers/the hangover/HORRIBLE BOSSES 😁/anchorman (both are great)/me,myself & irene/step brotbers/ ive seen all of these at least 7 times.and number 10 is a tie.i have no choice.THE BIG LEBOWSKI (i watched 14 days in a row) fav qoute.the dudes laying i bed smoking a J after he just impregnated a rich girl who want a baby and she is finding out what her babies daddy past is like.the dude tells her he was in the music industry before.she say OH YA ? the dude says”YA I WAS A ROADIE for METALLICA ” the other number top 10 movie BORAT(culturial learning)if you want to laugh for 1 1/2 hours watch tbis movie.fav qoute .borat is learning how to drive in america and there is a driving instrucktor with him as hes driving.borat learns road rage and says”go F- – K YOUR’E MOTHER”.(PRICELESS) must watch.

  4. You some people hate you for that hair Andrew, in two weeks you will be back to shampoo!
    I lean Panthers, Jets, Blues and Knights ML, boring yes but why are they wrong?

  5. dave talking about the goalie is lucky he didn’t fight the bigger goalie.i know what dave meant but it brought back a story that not many people know about.i worked at the horseshoe(casino lv) in 1991 (valet)the manager told this story. this big black guy lifted up the skirt of a women who’s husband was standing next to her.the guy was about 140 pounds.no problem .right ? wrong.the guy was greg haugen.he knocked out the much bigger black guy with 1 punch.out cold.i saw greg hougen beat hector camoucho at cesears palace live .i bet $100 on haugen at 10/1 odds.i saw they were saying 7/1 but i had my ticket at 10/1. you just never know.you never know !(let it ride)

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