NHL Picks and Predictions for Tuesday, January 19: In this episode of Puck Time, professional bettors Andrew McInnis, Carmine Bianco and Don Buster discuss their favorite NHL sides and totals on tonight’s card.

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πŸ—“οΈ Tuesday’s Featured Games:
Carolina Hurricanes vs Nashville Predators
Washington Capitals vs Pittsburgh Penguins
Columbus Blue Jackets vs Detroit Red Wings
Colorado Avalanche vs LA Kings
Chicago Blackhawks vs Florida Panthers

✏️ 2021 NHL Betting Preview: https://youtu.be/4cQsF5Lzdys
πŸŽ“ NHL Handicapping Tips and Strategies: https://youtu.be/U9JNwJGVQmE

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  1. Great show so far this year guys! Maybe i’m not paying enough attention, but where has the Prez been at this year?

  2. Unpopular pick: Kings prevail.
    They have a relatively good history against the avs. Theyll play em physical and a little dirty to disrupt the pace and transition. Kings win 2-1

  3. Great show gentlemen! Instead of laying the price with Florida, any thoughts on going -110 on the 60 min line?

  4. Flyers fan here. Not a big Islanders fan obviously lol but they have been money going back to last year on under totals and last night was just beautiful. I like the flyers tonight in a bounce back vs Buffalo.

  5. AM, speaking of bad beats I had the under (6) in the Buff game…5-0 at the 18 min mark in the 3rd period….Final 6-1
    Sports is fun, lol
    Anyways onward and upward!
    Gl today!

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