NHL Picks and Predictions for Wednesday, January 20: In this episode of Puck Time, professional bettors Andrew McInnis, Carmine Bianco and The Prez discuss their favorite NHL sides and totals on tonight’s card.

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πŸ—“οΈ Wednesday’s Featured Games:
Edmonton Oilers at Toronto Maple Leafs
San Jose Sharks at St Louis Blues
Minnesota Wild at Anaheim Ducks
Montreal Canadiens at Vancouver Canucks
Arizona Coyotes at Las Vegas Golden Knights

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πŸŽ“ NHL Handicapping Tips and Strategies: https://youtu.be/U9JNwJGVQmE

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  1. I’ve been so wrapped up in football I totally forgot hockey started!!! …. PUCK TIME IS BACK BITCHES!

  2. wondering why you guys don’t like the over in the Stl/SJ game?? Martin Jones in net for SJ easy to take the over

  3. Don’t really get the reluctance to acknowledge the simple fact that the Oilers have a terrible roster still by so many people. You guys seem surprised to see them looking like this. Worst set of wingers in the league, and a brutal blue line. When you’re built like a novice team relying on two guys to skate the puck up the ice on the rush and on the PP and do absolutely everything for you, you can’t expect to be very good.

    The way this team is built is so fundamentally flawed and have said it since McDavid got there. Even during seasons where they way overachieved due to things like an unsustainable PP% and PK% alongside McDavid playing out of his mind.

    Its truly hilarious to see so many people, the media included hyping this team up year after year.

    Anyways great show as always. Love the discussion.

  4. Prez!! Great point about not betting goal scorers on a daily basis. After all a part of Wagertalks mission is to educate its viewers. Just an observation… Andrew needs to not be so defensive. He jumped on Prez a couple times in this video and he tends to do this on occasion. Teammates need to have a united front.

  5. I think the shortened season makes each game more valuable so I think it’s going to be a year to pick the favourites. Puck lines and to win in regulation with the fave will be profitable this season imo.

  6. I appreciate the takes on even the not so intriguing matchups today but a game like Minny vs Anaheim is like total shit. These two teams aren’t very good and thus there is no way you can see, from a wagering standpoint, a clear cut edge on either. You’re throwing darts on teams in games like these. I would stay away from games like these because it’s truly unknown on how it will end up and anyone who thinks they can give a clear cut take on who will def win is full of shit. There’s no value on either side.

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