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Massachusetts once led the world in freedom. Whether it was freedom from religious persecution, freedom from The Crowns onerous taxation policies or merely freedom to marry the consenting adult of your choosing, the Bay State was long first in the battle to allow you or me the option to do what we felt was right. Of course, that freedom came with responsibility not to impose upon the same rights held by others. Freedom was perhaps the most unique characteristic of Massachusetts during the states formative centuries. The 400th (unofficial) annual celebration of Thanksgiving takes place on Thursday. It will be unlike any other in the Bay State. Those who dare celebrate with more than the allotted number of close family members face the unscientific wrath of nosy neighbors and social media. And good luck trying to get to Aunt Kathys house in Maine or Connecticut. It was easier to shuttle between East and West Berlin during the Cold War than it is to move about parts of this country in the age of COVID-19. In this upside-down, inside-out year of 2020, Massachusetts has become a leader in the usurpation of freedom. Its always easier to see the obvious from the outside. From the beach in Florida, Massachusetts looks like an Orwellian gulag. Fatal restrictions have doomed commercial entities not deemed essential. Adults are no longer able to determine where they can go or when they can get there. The hypocritical Iron Giant that is the Bureaucratic-Academic-Political Complex continues to be fed and paid while millions go without food, full-time jobs, human contact and emotional sustenance. Madness. It is a similar Big Brother Knows Best mentality that has inexplicably blocked the legalization of sports betting in Massachusetts. Individual freedom with responsibility was all the rage for four centuries. Now, those who want to legally wager on the over/under in the Patriots-Texans game it is 49. 5 at DraftKings, take the under

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