Gamblers who wagered over $100,000 to show on favorite Boss Magician in the first race at Charles Town Races in West Virginia Feb. 1, 2017, saw their money go up in smoke right at the start when the horse stumbled coming out of the gate and threw jockey Wesley Ho to the ground. The rider was not injured.

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  2. Same garbage happened to me 2 weeks ago at Evangeline Downs. 5/2 favorite I keyed in my trifecta bucked his rider at the start. 28-1 beat 50-1 beat 4-1. I was salty as Hell.

  3. same thing at Delta Downs some 15 years ago , horse favorite 1-9 six furlongs loses jockey at start

  4. They cheat almost every single race at every track across the US. There’s bets being placed after the start of the race. The explanation is that it’s late money coming in from all over the country. My question to that one is how come the vast majority of the time it’s the winner or horse that is positioned well or looks like he/she’s going to win that get bet down dramatically??? Answer is obviously they cheat. They are betting after the start of the race on potential winners so they pay out less money in all of the pools. It’s bullshit and happens in almost every single race.

  5. To add to my story, it makes you kinda wonder if they do cheat at the horse tracks. I think the Triple Crown is legit bc its just too many people and too much money so they don’t need to and it’s harder too. I know most states lotteries are real though. I personally knew a coworker that made the news for hitting the lottery……twice! For a total of 300K in a 12 year span.

  6. This happened in Santa Anita too. I bet $20 on a horse to show. Someone dropped $300K on the favorite and it changed the odds on all the other horses dramatically! My horse was still 6 to 1 but the show still paid like $22.00. I remembered that I got paid over $200 for a show bet on $20 bucks!

  7. these days are now over. Anytime a BJ shows up a company with pool software is making 1000 show bets on all others. Check me.

  8. Lmao crazy i was jus tellin my girl how i bet acouple horses to show and made some money. i never bet show bt i did when i saw someone had plunged a big show bet on the num 1 who was 2-5 i think at the time i jumped in and bet the 4 and the 5 to show and couldnt have gotten luckier. when the gate opened i was in awe tht the num 1 horse had stumbled and lost his jockey, i couldnt believe it i felt like the luckiest guy in the world lol

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