After an up and down first week of the season, we have hit our stride a month in. Our profits have been steadily growing every day. $1000 dollar per game bettors profited over $25,000 in October! Even if you only bet $100/ game that’s still over $2,500 in profit, $50 is over $1200. Not bad for a month!

The first month of the NHL season is notoriously variance filled. This can make it a bit more challenging to accurately find value in games. This is because of roster change over, new coaches, new systems etc. As the month goes on, things should normalize a bit and as we head into mid-November the model will become even more accurate.

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  1. Are you okay man? I have lost 12 out of your last 13 picks. If I keep following you, I might end up needing to cash in my 401K early, or start eating Cat Food. Am I misunderstanding your bet instructions? When you give the team, or over call, was that who I maybe should have been betting against?? Because if that’s the case, you are 12 out of 13 and that 100 Dollars is the best money I have ever paid

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