I play a PA skill slot which in Pennsylvania is a skill video slot machine that legally pays out money if you win. I show a simple trick some people might not know about on how to better your chances of winning on PA skill slots. You can preview the next spin and the game also tells you for whatever bet you have, what the next spin will pay out.

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  1. so its designed to get around gambling laws by literally telling you when you are going to win and how much? quite possibly the stupidest machine I have ever seen

  2. Have you ever played Roobet like Joe and Carson? It would be very entertaining to watch you play that game.

  3. I don't get it. Is that the minimum you're winning in the "won" box? What is the point of betting? Just for the next spin to get a chance to win big money? You might as well not even have the reels. I guess it's just a way to get around betting laws in your state.

  4. So why not go through every denomination every spin? Do you have to continue on the same denomination for it to stay the same?

  5. Where do you find these? I'm assuming not in the actual casinos are these the ones in the bars?

  6. Why do you say I'm betting 2$ to win 50 cents? You should say I'm betting 2$ to lose 1.50$.

  7. I love this, I had no idea you had another channel. I like that it’s geared more towards my age group, still love the main channel tho 🙂

  8. I think this is illegal skills game since you require push something if you win something. This is another regular casino machine

  9. I don’t like this one bit. Seems a bit like class 2 to me. Real slots where spins are solely based on RNG makes it a ton better and way more exiting having bonuses not be predetermined (not to include certain progressive picking bonuses like on dancing drums or 88 fortunes)

  10. That is so weird. Can you put money in and it will tell you your next win? That way you can bounce around and play each machine 1x that is a guaranteed profit and come out with money?

  11. Hey Matt… what location is this at? Or do you kno of any locations that have skill machines?

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