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  1. They just outlast people money wise and most people lose and quit. There are some winners long term.

  2. Nick Chubb ran out of bounds at 1 on a break away run, Cleveland does not get the 3.5 and win 10-7

  3. Only way to win is to wait and wait then strike BIG and take it down. Otherwise you’ll always break even or lose money. Gotta go all in when the timing is right

  4. Matt groening is a public freemason. Freemasons go back to babel and are soon to reveal the antichrist to the world.

  5. Matt Groening is a 33 degree freemason. So he gets the elites plans ahead of time. Not time travel

  6. It’s simple. They have analytic models that produce thousands of outcomes. Then as people place bets on the initial findings they adjust to public opinion .

  7. The fact you brought up Michael Franzese, this is an awesome channel, you, and Michael should go on the Joe Rogan Podcast

  8. Packers and Bucs over/under was set at 51 this year. They scored 45 in the first half and only 3 in the second. Both teams ran the ball the whole third quarter and Packers pulled Rodgers in the 4th. It blew my mind the game didn’t go over

  9. It’s completely fixed, but if you go into it knowing that you have a fighting chance. Vegas definitely has their hands in it, you just hope to be on the right side of it

  10. Simpsons predicting something that comes true doesn’t mean they can see the future they have so many shows and episodes eventually some story they write comes true but they also tons of predictions that never came true.

  11. I’ve always said that games are fixed. It’s happened in the past present and will be in the future. I don’t know how they do it but it happens.

  12. I don’t gamble so I have no clue how it all works but if vegas is right, 80 to 90% of the time, why wouldn’t you just place a huge wager on the favorite or what bet pays out the least.

  13. With tens of millions of dollars being wagered, it is ridiculous or naive, to not think that an official making a few hundred dollars for the game could not be “enticed” to make or miss a pass interference call in the 4th quarter.

  14. KSU/ISU … when a team scores a late td gets the 2pt and still LOSES by three ? Over/under 70. Total on that game ? 71

  15. Uhh…. What? I’m 💯 percent convinced Pat is clueless that lines aren’t decided by advanced sports knowledge, it’s by math, you move the line based on trying to even out the amount of money bet on each side so that no matter the outcome you small percentage on the placing of the bet, is always a net profit.

  16. You’re the same guy who said that it was okay for Marines to piss on dead Taliban soldiers, right?

  17. If you look at it how they see it is a better way to figure them out on who needs to win and lose so the house always wins. There’s a formula they follow so they always win from the odds to the points spread to the money placed down and who need to win and who needs lose. I believe all these GM and coordinators are all part of the game for Vegas they know when they need to win and when they need to lose so Vegas always win.

  18. Alright, I’m willing to debate this with someone because I’m willing to recognize that I may be wrong. But this is just like horoscopes. If you focus on everything the spread setters get right then yes it’s going to seem like they are time traveling geniuses. But how many times have they been wrong? How many times has a team lost when favored by 20+? They set odds for literal hundreds of things every week. Of course some of them end up scarily close.

  19. It’s simple. They have a never ending bankroll. You’re will end at some point. So they always win LOL. Us betters never will just stop when we are up big.

  20. VEGAS DOSENT ALWAYS WIN. Not when u use Gematria into your picks ! I found out HOW THEY RIG THE GAMES . Check my videos out

  21. The magic of Vegas odds making is that it doesn’t matter that much what the fundamentals of the game are. They look at that to predict an initial spread, obviously, but what they’re doing is trying to set a number that a majority of people will bet on the wrong side of. They didn’t know Memphis would win that game by twelve, but they knew if they set the spread at navy – 7 they would get fewer bets on the navy side.

    Anybody who follows the NFL closely for a few years can guess better than 50% of the straight up wins and losses. So once you can do that, being a bookie is aatter of understanding betting habits, and they’ve got massive amounts of data and analytics on that.

  22. Browns were losing 42-45 when ravens were favored by 3, then they got safetied on the last play to lose by 5

  23. It’s gematria. Everything is scripted based on numbers converted to words. ABC is as simple as 123

  24. Thanks for all the free bets from all the sportsbetting websites. Hahaha, won about a grand from free bets alone. And guess what, I’m cashing out until they offer me more bets hahahahahaha. Suck it Vegas.

  25. anyone know where I can buy a book with all the stats and spreads in nfl history? (Best I can find online is from 2003) and I really want it for all American sports.

    A couple years in on nfl betting and I’ve won both seasons yet knowing there has never been a team that lost every game ATS in any sport — I started to write a book on this yet finding it extremely hard to find the stats for every game played in the nfl, nba, mlb, and nhl for starters (nfl if I had to just choose one)

  26. Is it just me or does the ketamine just hit a little better after you blow your child’s college fund in Vegas

  27. Last night the raiders chargers over/under was 51.5 it was 24 24 and the chargers miss 2 game winning field goals which would of hit the under at 51 N went to ot and the total ended up 57 with a field goal and touchdown

  28. I worked at a casino in vegas. Slots were 95 percent of our gaming revenue. The pit was 4 percent. Live poker and the sportsbook combined was 1 percent. Everything in the casino is there so you play the slot machines.

  29. The game that blew my mind was the horseshit of the Eagles Seahawks game when the Seahawks were 6.5 point favorites and the eagles get a TD and go for 2 on a Hail Mary for no reason other than the Vegas odds…

  30. Time travel isn’t real but seeing the future is. I know from experience and I swear I’m not crazy.

  31. The quickest way to end up with a small fortune gambling, is to start off with a large fortune.

  32. I do okay when I bet in Vegas actually… I took the Titans to upset the Ravens in the playoffs last year and won a lot. Sometimes when I see a crazy point spread that doesn’t make sense, I won’t even take the bet. I do a lot better picking football games than I do fights or horses though

  33. Casinos gotta have play in what happens someone’s getting paid off it’s all a big circle of F ing the public bettors the most insane loss happen with Seahawks Eagles com on man

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