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Guest Social Medias:
YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCAB03M7mYqGLyxPHbmE0wYw
Twitter: https://twitter.com/ArianFoster
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/arianfoster/

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0:00:00 – Woody introduces the show and guest, Taylor introduces the sponsors
0:00:11 – Arian’s move to New York, his lockdown experience and getting into finance reading
0:05:20 – How Arian dealt with NFL retirement & Woody’s lockdown lifestyle improvement
0:11:13 – Wardrobe weight gain/loss woes, wearing suits to court & Kyle’s prison sweatpants
0:19:45 – Arian on post-NFL depression & why your career shouldn’t be your value of self-worth
0:26:30 – The moment Arian knew he was ready to retire & his modern workout routine
0:30:39 – Taylor’s home gym and his incredibly expensive Magic: The Gathering card collection
0:34:11 – Arian’s stolen $700 Pokemon card & the absurdity of baseball card trading
0:38:38 – Bo Jackson’s unorthodox trophy room & why Arian could never get into fishing
0:40:39 – Woody’s Gattaca-esque lifeguard story & how to overcome total exhaustion
0:46:56 – Arian shares hilarious stories of his running-back days & his thoughts on modern NFL
0:55:40 – Is Tom Brady the GOAT? Arian Foster thinks not and explains why!
1:00:26 – Arian once said he wishes he never played in the NFL – Does he still believe that?
1:08:36 – Why you shouldn’t meet your heroes and the sheer luck of “making it” in life
1:12:47 – Woody’s insane work ethic and putting in the elbow grease to get what you want in life
1:21:25 – The College Football star who chose a YouTube career over an NFL career
1:27:31 – Arian explains the weird relationship dynamics between various NFL players
1:31:15 – Could Arian have gone Pro in any sport he put his mind to? (Hockey talk)
1:37:48 – How Arian learned to adapt his game to play with the top 0.1% athletes in the world
1:42:43 – Woody and Arian’s love of Barry Sanders & more on why Tom Brady isn’t the GOAT
1:45:39 – Michael Phelps versus a clown fish – Who wins in a swimming competition?
1:51:59 – Losing a 1v1 to a shark, Taylor’s crab legs annihilation & Arian’s seafood allergy
1:57:04 – Fitness talk: Mentality, weightlifting technique, bench press shirts & more
2:04:29 – The insane strength of World Record strongmen Brian Shaw & Eddie Hall
2:10:50 – Being a sports superstar versus a benchwarmer & Arian’s post-career injuries
2:15:43 – Arian’s experience of crazy mood swings & overreacting to marital mishaps
2:22:42 – Ad reads: ExpressVPN & Blue
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2:27:39 – Arian explains how reaching top sprint speed in NFL differs to track and field
2:31:11 – Kyle’s recent trip to a casino with a PKA Patron who had a public freakout
2:35:14 – The time Kyle almost got into a brawl with an airport staff member in LA
2:36:37 – Arian’s public freakout defusal story & the time he found a TOOTH in his pizza
2:40:40 – Arian thanks the guys, shouts out his social medias & leaves the show
2:41:34 – Hockey talk: Philly’s embarrassing 9-0, Taylor’s Blues blues & 40 year old players
2:50:14 – Patreon AMA question: What are Kyle’s thoughts on Stargate SG-1?
2:51:40 – Superhero movie talk: The Snyder Cut of Justice League, Marvel vs DC & more
3:01:12 – Kyle goes into detail on his recent North Carolina casino trip with two PKA Patrons
3:11:10 – Expensive steakhouses, the best ways to enjoy your steak & seafood sickness
3:16:51 – More Kyle casino trip talk: Outrageously priced oatmeal & huge gambling losses
3:28:27 – Douchebags who refuse to wear masks & wear sunglasses at poker tables
3:32:14 – Dr Disrespect’s mysterious Twitch ban and his former collegiate basketball days
3:33:18 – Patreon AMA question: What kind of footwear do the guys prefer?
3:37:03 – Woody discusses his plans to go on a US-wide motorcycle adventure
3:52:03 – Kyle’s recent pizza delivery guys that got very creepy and personal
3:55:02 – The 2 types of PKA fans the hosts meet IRL: Absolute weirdos or super chill guys
3:59:54 – Kyle’s hilarious stories of meeting fans as FPSRussia & working with Jeremy

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  1. Daaam woody let me know if you need a production guy, to follow you with your equipment maybe to record the trip scene and Edit it out I AM YOUR GUY

  2. When you take your motorcycle test they give you a “125” for the test you think that’ll run across America? Woody wake up dude lol this isn’t like riding a bike you both can be seriously injured too to inexperience

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  4. Gonna bet if Fish is Arabic and from Detroit, he actually lives in a suburban city where a lot of Arabic people live.

  5. Woody “I tend to be barefoot around the house… you have socks on 99 percent of the time you leave the room, brubru.

  6. This has to be the worst video quality episode lol. I wonder if its just connection stuff that causes everyone to have unclear video

  7. Sedona, AZ is absolutely gorgeous. But DONT come here in the summer. You snow people can’t hang. 😂

  8. Hey Woody, Arizona, Utah, Idaho and Oregon are some of the most scenic places. Hope you make that bike trip happen!

  9. I really really really want woody to do this bike trip and vlog it, that is dream content for me. We’ve done europe on the bikes a few times and it’s honestly brilliant, you would not regret it.

  10. 1:50:50 funniest part of the episode and i am impressed how well Foster integrates with these degenerates lol

  11. So how often do they do episodes, I just started watching right around when Kyle returned, I thought the podcast might have been going on for like 2-3 years. But I see they started almost 10 years ago now.

  12. This is the second episode in a month that all Kyle did for the first half was sit there and pout

  13. The fact that a retired NFL running back is one of this shows most under utilized guests in the history of this show is embarrassing

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