I’am excited about this one! It is my fave mobile game and it is now available on Steam just released today!! YAY! If you love horses and the thrill of the race then this game is for you! If you always wanted to breed a champion horse then this game is for you too! Check it on Steam: https://store.steampowered.com/app/1166860/Rival_Stars_Horse_Racing_Desktop_Edition/

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  1. Wow it no fair u get such a beautiful black rare horse on ur first horse and i just get a chesnut with no pattern on my first horse XD

  2. Thought it was very sad that they didn’t add more to the game. that you, for example. have to take care of the horses. brush, take out the horses, bring in the horses. ride yourself. build a bond between you and the horse.
    That they have 40 euros is a joke.
    The game on mobile even had more things to do.
    I hope they put in more things to do. and updates the game every week. THEN maybe it is worth 40 euros.
    if they do not post more things … then they must blame themselves 😛

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