Will legalized gambling be a problem for professional sports? Rick Strom, Denise Jones, Brett Erlich, and Jayar Jackson break it down. Give us your thoughts in the comments below!

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  1. Nobody is going to take money to ruin their career and risk getting banned FOR life and public shame, humiliation and castigation for 35k … no smart person . You might have some desperate instances, but over all id think not. If that were the case they would be doing it now. . . PEOPLE ARE BETTING NOW. ARE PEOPLE STUPID ?

  2. Point shaving already happens right now. It’s happened ever since all of you have been born. Wake up.

  3. It will make no difference whether it is legalised in the U.S. or not. There are already betting for cracy amounts for all american matches worldwide today. No reason to use shops to bet, it is much easier on your smartphone.

  4. America’s mentality is the problem. European footballers wouldn’t think about throwing a game for money, we are better than that. A lot of Americans would that’s the difference

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