Put $600 In Timberwolf Slot at Cosmo Las Vegas – Here’s What Happened!

Lady Luck HQ & DudeLuck23 are playing the Timberwolf Slot Machine at Cosmo Hotel and Casino in Las Vegas. We are trying to land the GRAND JACKPOT but we end up in a bonus game with many free spins.

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  1. So far, this game doesn't like me. Congratulations on obtaining a bonus. Lady HQ, when your husband do a video on crypto currency, would you talk about safety, and how to invest. Can I just use a bank card, or do I have to give my bank information? Thank you. I enjoy your channel😊🙏

  2. I got bonuses on this machine for new Years 2019 it was my fistr Time playing ir 🤭🤭🤭🤭

  3. Really Lady? Do you have to make the sound of every animal you come across?!!! howling wolf?!!! The other day you even tried to make the horse sound! I left that one and I'm leaving this one! It's soooo annoying! PS A lot of ppl say this! STOP IT PLEASE!!!

  4. On the Timber Wolf Extreme you only need two owls to get 3 extra games during the bonus. Last month I was playing Timber Wolf Extreme in the bonus I got The 3x and 5x and some Timber Wolfs in 4 rows for $1100 on a $2.25 bet. Congrats on your wins 🙂

  5. Fast spins are just an illusion. The entire display is just an illusion. Each individual square flashes all the symbols making it appear like the reels are moving. This is how computers work.

  6. Always fun watching you both!!
    Our #kenonation get together is next week friends. June 19th at the Wynn, 11am. Multiple channels and viewers, on the floor playing as a big group! Gonna be fun! Hit our Subscribe, Like and Bell! Thank you friends!!

  7. Why does this game remind me of buffalo Diamond. I don’t think they have this one at my local o wish they did looks fun LLHQ. Have a great weekend. Thanks for bringing the entertainment & always enjoying the banter.

  8. Nice session I'm surprised I haven't ran into you guys at the casino lol have a great weekend

  9. hola Lady te veo siempre …pero jugar por un centavo de dolar no es lo de ustedes en verdad no me gusto igual les deseo mucha suerte

  10. You should do something with NG Slot. He plays high bets at Cosmo and Wynn frequently. It would be cool to see you both in the same video. He's married too so Lovey should not have a problem with it ok!

  11. I thought the man next to you was your hubby ? Is he or is he your brother ? Xxx I love watching you guys xxx

  12. Nor really a game I would ever play , cause simple it does not pay lol , I love it when you use gio gio mexico sometimes in your introduction video , I've also taken a like to that sound and I'm using it in my home gym , thank you for a great sound !! 👍👍👍

  13. I was playing that got bonus 150 free spins only cash out 700. I was surprised I though I was gonna get handpay 150 free spins it’s was rude

  14. You guys are great! Giving us what we want to see. "The Games" Most all You Tube Slots are about sell, sell, sell. Glad there is no Boom here. 😁

  15. wieder einmal gut gespielt. bei uns in Deutschland kann man überall in den Casinos wiederfinden. Im übrigen sind unsere Slots teilweise anders in ihrer Funktion. wir can Durch Hochdrücken Einer Risikoleiter sterben Gewinnen massiv pushen… schau mal wieder rein. Und falls du mal in Deutschland bist, lade ich dich natürlich herzlich auf einen gemeinsamen Casino Abend mit Jackpot Chase ein. viele Grüße, D

  16. This version is one of the hardest we have ever played! However, some people hit 5 of a kind of wolves with the a high multiplier to get wins over $10K at max bet in the wheel bonus. Just gotta keep on trying.

    Thanks for sharing.

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