You will likely require a first financial investment of 20-30k gold to do this, however as soon as you do you will certainly never ever require to acquire Qi coins once again! This is a remarkable method and also simple technique of ripping off the Casino. Any Type Of even more Stardew Valley techniques out there?

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  1. Updated guide: Wear two luck rings, wait for a best-luck day, eat a lucky lunch, drink ginger ale, then spam 100.

  2. I came to watch this video while playing the slots. Hit triple star drops and stopped playing the slots.

  3. Way to cheat the casino: this video.
    Another way: Install an autoclicker, keep betting 10 and just walk away from the computer.

  4. I just bought 1000 and left an autoclicker on the bet 10 until I got to 10000 then left the autoclicker on the bet 100. Its really hard to lose money on the slot machines

  5. i got lucky once and got 3 stardrops and bought 999 hardwood fences from the shop and never had to go back to the casino again

  6. I did the same thing, once I started betting 100 I made a macro for my mouse to press it constantly. And then I went and did the dishes until I had enough to buy all the items. 🤷🏿‍♂️

  7. 0:21 Desert warp totem: “Am I a joke to you?”

    (Although, I think the desert warp totem was added after this video…)

  8. 2 years later, can’t find a pattern AT ALL, somehow hits 3 shells twice, kept betting 100 and later hit star fruit jackpot. Started with 2600, now I have 282100…all in one go. (The luckiest day+lucky lunch)

  9. The method doesn’t work anymore, just go there in a lucky day, buy 300 coins, constantly bet 10 untill you get to 200, then just spam 100. got 430k in the first day and one 3 star.

  10. Forget about the patterns, just go on a lucky day, get about 500-100 coins and start betting 100s. I got 50k instantly, and 20k right after

  11. It doesn’t work me at all lol no patterns either lol maybe it’s a luck thing? Like some farms have patterns and others don’t cuz my was soooo random compared to you.*

  12. Idk if there is any perfect way to predict wins and losses. I bet 10 until I lose 3 times in a row or get a win. Then I bet 100. Turned 500 into 12k in about 20 minutes. Didn’t waste too many wins on 10s. Parsnips come up twice in a row a lot for me also.

  13. 1.4 Update: Recalculated the way random number generation is done, removing repeating pattern exploits. All Casino games now slightly favor the player rather than the house.

  14. Sadly(I think)this has been patched you couldn’t convert Qi coins into normal money anyway at least I think?

  15. The casino is good for getting a lot of hardwood fences, I got 3 diamonds on a 100 bet and spent all 100 000 qi coins on hardwood fences and now I have enough hardwood fences for at least 10 more years

  16. I think everyone different i get 4 wins in a row then like lose win lose lose win then win win win win lose and repeat

  17. I tried this on my very first time at the casino, bet 100 and got the triple diamonds. Guess I never have to gamble here again lmao

  18. I think this has been fixed as I had max luck and it wasn’t working but tbh I just played blackjack up to 1000 from 400 and then high stakes blackjack up to 10000 granted you need to know how to play blackjack 😂😂

  19. I think this has been changed since 1.4, but I was able to make a lot of profit just buying 300 Qi coins, then doing 10 bets for a while, til I could just start doing 100 bets – wireless mouse means you can walk away and keep clicking, as time doesn’t pass while you’re in the slot machine 😀 even just doing 100 bets constantly you still make a lot of profit, and never miss the big win! 😀

  20. Blackjack is pretty easy to win, too. Hit until you’re at 17 or higher. (This even sort of works in real casinos; you’ll still lose money, but usually slowly enough that you’re basically paying just for the alcohol.)

  21. When I was following your guide I screwed up and forgot the pattered and the one time I bet 100 I got 3 stardrops

  22. So like I’m not sure if anyone will believe me with this story, but hey I’ll just post it.
    So on my main save I finally got to the casino, and waited for a good luck day as you do. And I spend I kid you not barely half an hour learning the pattern, and I bet 100 with my pattern, and I get the full stardrop on a hundred bet. I swear my luck is way to stupid.

  23. You can now use warp totems to get to the desert without using the bus, you can get them from the desert trader. The desert trader didn’t exist at the time of this video.

  24. “There is definitely a pattern here” said every broke casino/gambling/stock market investor.

  25. I used this trick 2 years after it was posted and I just got a triple diamond (x1000) win betting 100, after I got a triple parsnip win. THANK YOU for my 100,000 coins lol

  26. Imagine getting 50 from a parsnip win.
    Then losing ten.
    Then winning 250,000!
    On a day with luck so bad the fortune teller on tv shows a skull!

  27. I got super-lucky and hit the 2.5 mil jackpot. Unfortunately, shortly after, I discovered that the shop sells nothing even remotely useful, which is a shame, because the casino is actually surprisingly fun.

  28. I did the slots for a while and noticed the same thing. Would “loose” anywhere from 3 to 6 times. Then get a win-loss-win. I was having a good luck day, had the good luck charm, And lucky lunch, so I think that’s what lowered my loss count so much. Used it to go from 250 coins to 10000 coins to get the rarecrow.

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