Out there now for PC and Mac on Steam! https://retailer.steampowered.com/app/1166860/Rival_Stars_Horse_Racing_Desktop_Edition
Play Rival Stars Horse Racing for the last word horse racing expertise. Look after and prepare your individual secure of horses, handle a homestead ranch, and breed the right champion!

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  1. Why tf do u have to pay do get it 😔 im so dissapointend i rlly wanna get the updated do mobile. Bc its rlly Hard to get gold on mobile.

  2. Why don’t they do this for mobile too???? We’ll buy it on mobile too y’know, probably a lot more than on a PC.

  3. why is it not free like i don’t have a phone or a tablet and i aint spending money on this game to play it like just do you
    pay for in game purchases

  4. Pls pik pok I beg of you update phar lap on console that we get to customize the gear on our horses and we get to see the new baby horses and stuff those little things are missing from the console version

  5. Это конечно здорово, что можно создать свою лошадь, но тратить деньги на игру с такой же механикой как и на телефоне что-то не хочется.

  6. 0:09 wait I never knew jockeys had their toes pointing down BECAUSE AS AN EQUESTRIAN (not a jockey) MY EYES PHYSICALLY HURT 😂😂

  7. Heyy is this game free? My steam is not working so I can’t check! Imma fix it tomorrow and maybe buy/instal ir

  8. I have more expensive titles in my library. In my opinion, the price is adequate to the content. Not once playing with micropayments we spend much more than on a PC game and here we pay once when buying. And if someone can not afford it, it is waiting for the autumn sale on Steam.

  9. Not sure what’s different compared to the app. Hopefully race replay settings, more realistic horse longevity (I have a horse that has raced over 200 times on the app, LOL), and the ability to manage my own farm and stables however I want to – without silly “goals.”

  10. Hi can you guys make a feature of theres a chance you can get twins from breeding on pc and mobile

  11. Hello dear developers, I would like to play a horse too, and so that you can just ride a horse or play a horse, you just get bored with constant racing, and you lose interest, so you can walk for free, just like riding a horse who can’t play for real money, and the game and graphics are very epic, but it would be better if you added what I wrote above in the next update. Thanks in advance! We are waiting)

  12. Wish this was on mobile though, my computer broke and we don’t have money for a new one. These features seem so cool though…

  13. I hope Horse creator is for Mobile as well I need a black horse really bad

  14. is anyone else like rlly pissed about the creator mode only in desktop. i rlly hope in the future it will be available on mobile and other platforms bc yk a lot of people can’t just whip out a pc and money for it. i just hope they will soon announce it for mobile so me and a lot of other people won’t be getting there hopes up for it for nothing

  15. Add Andang Rahmat as a friend on Rival Stars Horse Racing to compare stats and gift items!

  16. I accidentally breed a horse I wanted to sell and I don’t have any stalls left and I don’t want to sell any of my other horses what do I do

  17. Congratutions!
    You have successfully pissed off all mobile users that have been waitibg forever for a horse creator feature!

  18. Will you guys be adding these additions to console as well? I really want foals and custom horse equipment on console. Anyways keep up the good work.

  19. Why don’t they update Phar Lap to let it have customizations like Rival Stars does and also add live events and letting your friends give you gifts?

  20. I bought Farlap Horse Racing and paight round about 30€… no Updates for the xbox version! And now you’re doing another version? I feel fooled. Sry for my bad english.

  21. You guys have ruined the game for me and stop sending me updates that are only on pc and mac if you are gonna send the bloody updates make them fucking available on phones

  22. You guys need to stop giving me brown horses I am so pissed at you guys for not adding phones to the update you ruined the game for me and also stop giving me brown horses

  23. I have a question. What does the orange square which appears from time to time in the pedigree of horses?

  24. i don’t like that we will can choose the colores of our horses and we can Edit the colores .. it is not logic , late the game Realistic
    is better that you choose the price to sell your horses and you can change horses with friends and buy from them and fantastic thatyou can play against your friends online , horse vs horse and Liga .. competetion in ligne. ❤✌


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