Desktop Version is coming to Steam June twenty fifth!
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After being handed the keys to the household rundown homestead, you’re now in cost—enlist the assistance of pleasant employees, determine when to take a position, and improve services.

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  1. the pik pok company steals customers, don’t play their games, i was stolen from rival stars i lost all my progress they easily manipulate what you have in the game, it is not reliable they will steal your money.

  2. Can you put rival stars race horses:desktop edition on play store plzzzzzzz???⚠️WITHOUT ANY COAST OF MONEY ⚠️

  3. I would love if there was a way you friend your buddies who also play the game and that there’s a button that says travel and when you press it you have a choice to travel to a friends farm or a racing ground. If you travel to a friends farm you get to choose which horse from your stable you’d like to pick but if you choose racing ground only your fastest horses are there for you to select from. Once you travel there you can ride your horse manually or get off your horse and walk around holding its muzzle like the end of the video. This would be so fun just watching other people or your friends compete in a race while you watch with your horse on the sidelines or go visit your friends farm and have conversations with chat button. I think it would be cool. Also if your travelling to a friends farm I think it could be cool travelling with your stud or your mare so you can breed with your friend. Btw maybe when you sell a horse you can decide to sell it automatically like it does now or sell it on your horse list where your friends or other players get to buy them from you.

  4. Hello dear team! I would wish if you could Horses could be auctioned. Or direct sales, and sell to friends! Can you insert that please? Lg Nicole😘

  5. My all dream get vanished
    Bcz the desktop version is the paid one and I m not in the state to pay ₹1000 to just download it

  6. I’m guessing we have to start from the beginning on the desktop game instead of carrying on with our progress from mobile huh?

  7. I was really excited, but I think 40$ is way too much for a game which is just an upgrade of the phone version.

  8. We need a horse creator option for mobile to 🙁 though I can play desktop edition if I wanted also it would be cool if let’s say there were splashes of white on the legs, the hoofs would be a lighter colour? It would be a pretty realistic addition.

  9. please tell me it’s not actually going to be $40… I was so excited but can’t buy if it’s that expensive.

  10. Very happy for the pc version. I’m wondering if different weather circumstances will be a thing in the pc game? I find it very unrealistic that the weather is always great during races. When you watch real life racing, you know how many of them happen during pouring rain. It would be very exciting to see that in the PC game, maybe as an update over time.

  11. Hi there I seen your new one that was in the game emails but can you customize your horse on mobile and iPad/tablet or only on pc and mack?

  12. Решили перейти с зомби-тематики на что-то более умиротворенное?)

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