In these developer updates we cowl “Particular Occasions” the “Star-Spangled Stakes” and talk about options that you’re going to see extra of sooner or later. Study extra with Juliann the Product Supervisor

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Play Rival Stars Horse Racing for the final word horse racing expertise. Take care of and prepare your individual secure of horses, breed the right champion, handle a homestead ranch, and race for victory!

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  1. I love this game! The horses look gorgeous.. I have many horses. I have spent money on gold, and deals. Love this game and I’m actually obsessed. This is the new nicotine 🥰

  2. You should make it also online lobby for everyone to hang out and race and ride your horse around but it would be a dream for you to try but I do understand that that might be to hard but love the game anyway

  3. This is honestly the best horse game I’ve ever played! It is so realistic!!! I have it now and I pretty much play it everyday. It is so addicting<3 ty for your hard work and putting so much time into this game! I do have a suggestion Though, I would love this game so much more if we could do something else than just race! Like a freemode maybe trail rides with friends! or show jumping!!1!!1!! but anyways it is just a thought that came up!

  4. I’m playing the PS4 version which is produced by PIKPOK, too.

    It would be great if this version would get new content as well as the mobile version because the game is *GREAT* but I would be sad if i bought the full price game and the mobile version would be the only one with updates 🙂

  5. My friend and I are both addicted! It would be cool if we could breed with each other’s horses

  6. You guys should make show jumping or cross country and I think you will make it amazing and I would die

  7. Hlo sir ,
    Game is awesome but
    Make a horse yard too where horse can roam freely
    And add customization of horse equipment too
    And add horse breed displaying too
    Thanx alot

  8. Hi!

    Can you guys can add some stuff I would LOVE!

    1.Add some Jumping comps?
    2.Add some different horse breeds!
    3.We can walk our horses outside sometimes with our friends? (multiplayer)

    Ty if you doo!

  9. I think you should add a gallery to show all the different horse coats you can get and how to possibly get them and their rarity XD

  10. I saw someone that was betting on there horses and making millions in gold?!!!

  11. Maybe something like friends where you can add a friend and race them and their horses and maybe breed with their horses and trade and stuff like that it sounds interesting 🤔

  12. Hello pikpok how to remove blinkers on the horses?? And please improve the silk and the cap model and the color please

  13. Porfavor ponle intercambio de caballos y de oro y dinero y competencias y retos contra amigos y otros jugadores del juego eso nomás creo q lo haría más emocionante de lo q ya es muchas gracias por el juego

  14. KEEP ADDING AND UPDATING! This is could turn into an actual game sport. (Like how people compete at conventions and etc.)

  15. I love this soooo much! As someone who played Gallop Racer back in the day, this is as close as it comes. I mostly play the ps4 version and a few things that would be awesome to add to this game:

    1. The camera change, the ability for you to look to the size to see who is beside you rather than just behind you. This was very integral and every horse game I’ve played and this game lacks it which is very annoying. Realistically a jockey would be able to see a horse in his blind spot or beside him and I can’t in this game

    2. Latent abilities. This was something awesome about G1 jockey 3 and Gallop racer. Stats are cute but they’re very arcady and simplified. It would be nice If horses had special abilities that could be passed on true breeding such as:

    a.doesn’t do well in Grass tracks
    b. can keep running when out of stamina
    c. hates to race in the rain

    3. REPLAY!!!!! I wish I did not have to hire a jockey to see my horse race. I wish we had the option to replay races and to actually watch us racing or horses. Sometimes I like to look AT how close the other horses were beside me near to a win and that doesn’t always happen. Sometimes I just want to see how I raced my horse

    4. Race against other players. That is something horse racing manager 2019 has over this game. Not only is it more immersive like Gallop racer, but it has online races where you can actually see your horses race against others via artificial intelligence. It would be nice if we could race against others and if we can’t actually control our horses online, it still would be nice to see the computer race our horses against other people’s horses

    That being said I love the passion that is being put into this game. It’s been some Time Coming since we’ve had a good horse game and this has the potential to be the best.

  16. Make an eventing version!Or a combined equestrian game with racing, showjumping, cross country, and dressage!

  17. As a saddle club member…I really really want to be able to skip training times or greatly shorted time

  18. Have they ever considered being able to have different breeds of horses and it would be cool if they made another game or different competitions for different types of things you could do with your horses

  19. If you gonna keep this game up, I really consider going into the monthly subscription. I like you can get everything easily. I jist hate that now, on lvl 9, all the waiting times take like day and more.. Thats a bit too much time for such small lvl in my opinion 🙂

    Thank you

  20. the track when i play ever since the update is very glitchy, you can see the codes and numbers and it turns blue, pink, yellow static so it looks pretty bad, still enjoy the game tho

  21. I’ve been playing this game since the day it got released and I love it so much! It’s so realistic and I love the multiple jobs you can do, from jockey to barn manager to many others. Excited to see what the future holds!!

  22. That’s great you’re updating it! By the way, you’ve made the best horse game for mobiles ever! You can be very proud of it

  23. Change the training concept it takes to long and hard to get certain items to upgrade and fix your gliches it sometimes crashes

  24. If you could incorporate real (and acurate!!!) equine colour genetics into the breeding and make coat colours more varied and realistic that would be amazing!!! Loads more people, including myself would spend money on this game if it was like that. And a barrel racing version would be amazing too! Also more adds for speed ups!! Only 10 adds per 10 hours is a bit unfair….

  25. pretty good game,,but i wana be able to play against my friends and be able to see his stable,,,also if you can add the motion of hiting the horse in the end of the race and replay at least in the end 👍

  26. I love the game!! The details are awesome. I just will love it even more if we can have little foals rounding around and growing up to big horses. And maybe more colors and patterns. I’m being trying to get a White mare with blue eyes but don’t get it in the market or breading.

  27. Yay on customizing equipment! What I like to see is how the breeding can make sense. Somehow if I were to breed 2 black horses, I get a speckled brown horse. Especially when the tree has a at least one or two of said horse.

  28. I hardly play mobile games, and often have a hard time getting involved, but this game drew me in like no other! Amazing work and I absolutely love everything about it!

  29. Such an amazing game been waiting for a while for something like this and now I’m addicted lol looking forward to the new content !

  30. Thank you so much for such an amazing game! And you yourself have such good vibes that I feel like giving you my money hahahaha. Good job! I look forward for all the updates and new content

  31. I’m loving this game, it’s kept me hooked now for a while.

    Can’t wait to see the new content and look forward to it developing more in the future. I’d love to be able to trade with other players, and as another user has said, a show jumping version would be AMAZING.

    You should be so proud of this game, the graphics are amazing! Love the horse colours too! I am curious though, is there genetics involved in the breeding, or is it random? I haven’t bred two creams yet to see hahaha xx

  32. Im hoping for breeding with other players horses and maybe horse trading! The games amazing so far!! I cant wait!

  33. Just imagine.. This entire game, everything in it. Races, upgrades, breeding, everything.. but in dog form.

    I’d play the shit outta that, I already play the shit outta this, I’D PLAY THAT TOO

    PikPok needs to make this happen, Rival Stars Horse Racing has the most beautiful horse graphics/physics to date on Mobile and I’m sure they’d make dog racing just as or maybe even more beautiful.

  34. Buy two steps horse purchase please. Last night I missed the purchase of 2,500 coins. please consider it. please return my coins please. Id 388691090

  35. Awesome! I started playing this week, and absolutely LOVE the game so far. The attention to detail, in particular the muscle definition of the galloping horses is incredibly realistic.

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